Friday, November 14, 2008

Don Martin, known for his petty vendetta journalism, is sued for libel:

Today we learn that Arthur Kent is suing Don Martin for libel. Don Martin is the same Calgary Herald journalist who refused to release Harper’s 200 page manual on how to obstruct parliament when asked by me. For my persistence I was awarded with a petty vendetta article from Don Martin entitled “Will someone save me from Brent Fullard?” in which he attempted to discredit me during the last election, in the same way he did with Arthur Kent. Is this the best and greatest use of Don Martin’s time? Maybe he could use his prodigious (?) journalistic talents to reveal Harper’s tax leakage argument to be the blatant lie that is. No doubt a few people in Calgary would appreciate that, since their once vibrant industry was destroyed for no good reason. But I guess that would actually involve doing some research? In that case, forget it. Politically motivated petty journalism prevails:

Arthur Kent sues CanWest for libel

Claims newspapers attacked him during political campaign

By Etan Vlessing

Nov 13, 2008, 02:42 PM ET
TORONTO -- Canadian journalist Arthur Kent, known as the "Scud Stud" for his live NBC reports during the 1991 Gulf War, on Thursday filed a libel lawsuit in the New York State Supreme Court against CanWest Global Communications Corp.

Kent said the lawsuit results from a profile of him [by Don Martin] in the Calgary Herald and the National Post, both CanWest Global newspapers, that ran during a recent provincial election in Alberta. Kent ran unsuccessfully to represent a local Calgary riding.

"CanWest launched a grossly inaccurate and biased attack on my character and reputation. The article misrepresents both our team's election campaign and my career in journalism, particularly my work for the New York-based broadcast news industry," Kent alleges in his suit.

The Canadian journalist added that the CanWest Global newspapers refused to publish a rebuttal to the newspaper column that he submitted. Kent earlier filed a defamation action against the media company in Calgary.

In September, Kent settled a lawsuit against Universal Studios over the movie "Charlie Wilson's War" in which portions of his voice and video recordings were used in the war drama without his permission.

Arthur Kent's brother, longtime Canadian newscaster Peter Kent, was recently elected to the House of Parliament in Ottawa to represent a north Toronto constituency.


Dr Mike said...

Don Martin.

What a wanker with that large RIGHT foot planted firmly in his mouth once again.

I have heard of foot & mouth disease but this is ridiculous.

Dr Mike.

CAITI said...

I guess Don had better be toning down his rhetoric, or start looking for a new Job...


The Mound of Sound said...

How in hell did Kent manage to get a New York court to assume jurisdiction over a Canadian would-be pol suing a Canadian media giant for a tort notionally committed in Canada? Talk about court shopping!

Anyway I think it's hilarious that Kent is ankle-biting CanWest. He's always had a New York sized opinion of himself. Wanker.