Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stelmach to raise issue of income trusts at First Ministers' meeting

Maybe Harper can bring his 18 pages of blacked out documents to the First Ministers’ meeting in an attempt to mislead the Premiers in the same way he misled Canadians:

“The premier said he'll ensure his government's representative at the meeting identifies the pressing issues for Alberta, including federal decisions to start taxing income trusts and cancel capital cost allowances for the oil and gas industry.” Calgary Herald November 4, 2008


Dr Mike said...

I am in shock!!!!

I thought it was unanimous among the provincial Finance Ministers that Trusts were a menace to society & all trust investors should be tied to a pole then shot a sunrise.

So what`s with this??

All of a sudden Eddie is on our side??

Did the sun come up in the west or something??

Did my cat have puppies??

I have to wonder about his intentions.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Bruce Benson said...

Hey, a little too late to the party.

randy said...

Special Ed,

How nice of you to come to the Halloween Party. Too bad it was over two years ago.

I hear that another royalty review is in the works. Nice Ed.

I'll give you this, correcting a mistake is a grown up thing to do. Go for it Ed!