Sunday, November 9, 2008

Harper kidnaps Canadians' right to know

Harper's logic: Somehow Canadians' not knowing about Mellissa Fung's kidnapping protected her, but it was okay for Afghans to know?

Would Harper's decision not to disclose this kidnapping event have anything to do with the fact that Canada was two days from voting? Why did Afghans know something concerning a kidnapped Canadian reporter and the Canadian media conspired with Harper to not disclose it to Canadians. Does the Canadian media prefer that we are not fully informed when casting our vote?

Afghan Islamic Press Online

Canadian journalist abducted in Kabul

KABUL (AIP): Unknown gunmen kidnapped a Canadian female journalist in Kabul yesterday (Oct. 13), sources said Monday. Informed sources told Afghan Islamic Press that the Canadian journalist was capture in Char Rahi Qanbar area, western part of Kabul City after she visited a refugee camp. Security officials are tight lipped over the incident and avoid giving any details to media. The 27-year old female Canadian journalist was working for a Canadian magazine and had also visited the cam several times in the past. There was no word by security officials and armed groups in this regard. Ends Posted @ 06:20 GMT


Anonymous said...

It wasn't Harper's call you moron. You are a disgrace to Liberals and to Liblogs with these foolish conspiracy theories that continue to turn off Canadians everywhere.

Dr Mike said...

How do you know it wasn`t Harper`s call??

Whose call was it??

The way it looks to me is that the Taliban & the rest of the Afghan people could be trusted with the info but not Canadians.

Is that because Canadians are the more dangerous of the two.

Or was it because there was fear that pressure would be put on Canadian politicians to act.

Just a few questions that need to be answered.

Everyone in this country is thrilled with this persons release for whatever reason--the question is why were the Afghan people trusted with this info & we were not.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Anonymous said...

This is really a new low for you people. But I suppose your just pissed because no one cared about your tax-evading income trusts enough to boot the tories from office.

Anonymous said...

How do you know it wasn`t Harper`s call?

Or perhaps an even better question would be:

Why do you claim it was Harper if you do not have any proof?

RuralSandi said...

It was for her safety - that's what a journalist in Afghanistan said and he agreed with the black out of info.....they were concerned about the terrorists using her and beheading her for their cause.

Why argue now about it....she's free and that's all that counts.

Anonymous said...

Why is Harper thanking the media for keeping this kidnapping secret if he wasnt the one who asked for secrecy, as per this Macleans account by reporter Kady O'Malley:

November 9, 2008:

"The PM is speaking to reporters now — so far, not much information, but thanks to all the groups involved in securing her release, and a special tribute to Afghanistan President Harmid Karzai, who spoke with the PM immediately following word of her abduction and offered his full cooperation — more thanks to members of the media for respecting the embargo and not reporting on her kidnapping."

Anonymous said...

Everything you need to know about Harper's involvement in suppressing this information from Canadians back on October 12, 2008 was avaailable from the first news accounts of this story. EG:

Blackout on Canadian reporter's kidnapping posed dilemma for media
The Canadian Press

November 8, 2008

"But both the CBC and the Prime Minister's Office asked Canadian news organizations to hold off reporting the story, saying any publicity would jeopardize chances of a safe and speedy resolution."

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Further proof that Brent Fullard will never be elected dog catcher.

Dr Mike said...

I didn`t know he was running????

Dr Mike.