Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Looking forward to hearing Jack Layton squeal like a pig over the prospect of losing $30 million

Meanwhile Layton caused us to lose $35 billion

Flaherty to slash public funding for federal parties

Updated Wed. Nov. 26 2008 10:18 PM ET News Staff

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will slash almost $30 million a year in public funding for federal parties, in a move that would save taxpayers' money but deal a major financial blow to opposition parties, CTV News has learned.

Flaherty will present the measures in his fiscal update at 4 p.m. tomorrow.


penlan said...

Could it be possible that the Cons want their govt. brought down? For now?

Maybe they don't want to deal, or know how to deal, with this recession as it WILL hurt them in the eyes of the electorate as it has always done in the past to any govt. in rough economic times.

Perhaps they want a "coalition" of the opposition for a period of time so that the opposition will take the brunt of all the negativity & then when there is a next election the Cons will come in with a majority. Plus they will not have to bear any responsibility for any future actions in trying to mend the economic crisis.

Just a thought.

It's disgusting what they have proposed & is a way of annhilating all opposition if it were to happen.

Sleaze bags, as usual, no matter which way you look at it.

Dr Mike said...

Maybe Happy Jack will think twice about supporting Harper next time.

ATM fees Jack----really!!!!!!!

Dr Mike Popovich.

CAITI said...

I guess Jack Layton can be read like a book. Here he is on cue and on "message":

Tories' planned cuts to party funds 'attack democracy': Layton - 52 minutes ago

Opposition leaders assailed the federal government's reported plan on Thursday to eliminate the $30 million in public subsidies Canada's five major political parties receive, saying Stephen Harper's Conservatives were trying to "attack democracy" in a ...