Saturday, November 22, 2008

Unimpressed with Flaherty

Toronto Star
Unimpressed with Flaherty

Nov 22, 2008

Re: Flaherty reassures seniors

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is apparently concerned that seniors have been getting bad advice from financial institutions about their retirement funds. This is the same man who wiped out $35 billion in the retirement savings of seniors and then refused to release the supporting documentation that showed an alleged "tax leakage."

The only bad advice that seniors got was to trust Stephen Harper when he assured them that income trusts would never be taxed at source. Flaherty is quoted as saying, "I believe it is important to ensure that they do not face undue obstacles in managing their assets in these challenging times." This is from the man who brought in "experts" who ridiculed seniors for investing in income trusts.

Now seniors sit and watch Flaherty and the Conservatives bend over backwards to assist financial institutions that made serious errors in investing in asset-backed commercial paper. Flaherty was given several alternatives that could have spared seniors, but he disregarded all of them in his attack.

William Mayne, Markdale, Ont.


Dr Mike said...

Good thing Christmas is on the way because Flaherty is the biggest turkey in this country & it is time for this guy to "get stuffed".

I am not an economist but ran my own successful business until my retirement.

If I had run my business as has Flaherty with this economy I would have had the rug pulled-out from under me in short order.

As Mr page has said , this deficit is the Conservatives & theirs alone.

For that alone Flaherty needs a quick trip to the oven.

Dr Mike Popovich

Bruce benson said...

I wonder how many of these distressed seniors voted CON? I'm not bitter but if they did, they deserve every bit of misery Flaherty throws their way.