Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ignatieff launches his campaign by positioning Harper as a liar

Michael Ignatieff announced his campaign for leadership of the Liberal Party today with some prepared comments. The second sentence of which is that Stephen Harper is a liar, citing Harper’s betrayal on income trusts as his first example and calling Harper's government intellectually bankrupt..

As a Liberal delegate, I will be supporting Michael Ignatieff’s leadership bid for this and a whole host of other reasons.


Ted said...

I bet you he won't be putting you in any literature because you are generally regarded as an idiot both inside and outside the party.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Brent, and best of luck to all of us.
I just don't understand why Flaherty won't reverse the 2006 Halloween debacle and give all seniors and pensioners, (to say nothing of All Canadians, and their
Pension funds), an opportunity to provide some income for their own retirement/savings, as well as pay a truly significant amount of income tax to our Government as well.
Conservatives certainly don't act in the best interests of Canadians, do they?
Is it just sheer bribery - or is it simply incompetence?
Paul M

Anonymous said...

Hey ted:

It would appear that you are governed strictly by narcissism, in which the true test of one's achievements is whether their picture appears is some piece of literature?

I guess that's what makes me different than you. I just want "my" policy is the leader's platform, and not my picture in some piece of literature, since the policy in question is beneficial to all Canadians.

Meanwhile you are preoccupied with personal aggrandizement.

Thanks for those personal insights.

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Hi Brent, et al

Sadly, as President of a Marina in Ontario, the Liberal Convention in May will occur exactly during one of my busiest times so I will not be able to attend.

I'd love to see Van and be part of the process.

However, make no mistake about my feelings - Dr Michael Ignatieff is my first and only choice

I will do what I can to see that choice coming to fruition



Ron said...

Wow -- Ignatieff starts of where Dion left of - a "Harper's a liar" tour. Shows everyone, once again that Liberals are intellectually bankrupt; their only weapon is negative name calling. Where's the vision?; where's the positive life affirming oratory? After the 13years of the most corrupt government under Chretien, the only thing you can accuse Harper of is changing his position on an economic issue - well you see the state of the world's economies! Harper does what is right, not what buys him the most votes. Mr Ignatieff has altered the majority of his "prinicpals" and international positions on his way to claim the throne; does that make him a liar? - he lives in a glass mansion and should be wary of throwing stones.

Dr Mike said...


Good to hear from you!!

I was a fellow Conservative (for over 35 years) before the income trust debacle--or should I say lie.

Of course maybe I just did not "parse" Harper`s original statement on not taxing trusts properly.

There was never any proof ever given to substantiate the claims of tax leakage upon which the trust tax was based--any calculations done show no tax leakage when RRSPs are included as tax deferred & not tax exempt as Flaherty claims.

The whole trust tax was based upon a lie or maybe just a bent truth.

The unfortunate thing is that this is just one example of a long line of statements made by Harper which need to be parsed to find any truth.

It was indeed a sad day when I voted for these guys under the misguided perception that they were true Conservatives & still had at least some of the old PC standards.

Dr Mike Popovich.

PS--Ignatieff is our man this time around & I will be supporting him as well.

Anonymous said...

Ron said in defense of Harper:

"the only thing you can accuse Harper of is changing his position on an economic issue."

Glad to see that you see the income trust issue for what it is......"an economic issue", which is to say that Harper's underlying policy rationale has a clear and definable answer.

Do income trusts cause tax leakage as Harper alleges? No. Thereby making Harper a complete liar and in the pockets of those who wanted to shut the competition down, like the life insurance companies.

Oh well, what could $35 billion of Canadians hard earned savings possibly mean to Harper. This guy had never held a real job in his life.

Harper is a liar. Good for Michael to call a spade a spade. Now we can get somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff and Bob Rae do best under supervision and as a team. Sadly, neither are leaders but at least this income trust thing has some hope with Ignatieff's big mouth.

Ted ... clearly you have not actually met Brent or done your homework. Duh - discrediting something true to get your own way is a popular tactic. Too often it works. Members of the general public learned about that tactic during the O.J. Simpson trial. Obviously English Canadians forgot that lesson, including certain Liberals ever since Dion won that leadership convention. The chronic bad mouthing in and outside the party is how Stephane Dion was discredited. Specifically those idiot Liberals who attended that B.B.Q. in Cobourg and made their comments public in the T.O. Star handed Harper the victory and gave a way a ton of seats. Sucks to be them. Dion was the only one who actually had a plan or something new to say during the debate.
As for Brent Fullard - the man actually has integrity. I thought running in Whitby was just an income trust thing and a brilliant strategy by the Liberals to educate regular Canadians about the issue and keep it in the media. Turns out he actually wanted the job - no idea why as this area is determined to be poor and loves supporting all things Conservative. Whitby/Oshawa suburbanites really love supporting the Chinese and Dubai economies. Wal-Mart is having record breaking profits and Loblaws just released excellent results. No surprise looking at the parking lots in Durham Region and in the line ups. Manufacturing only matters in this community if it is GM. His team also worked way harder and smarter than Flaherty's. A pleasant surprise seeing that not everyone in this area is a Conservative.
Time will tell whether or not Ignatieff appreciates Brent's support. As for you Ted, while I strongly disagree with what you have said about Brent - you do have the right to say it. Or at least for now ... with the way things are going you may no longer have that right next year.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Brent. I also support Ignatieff.