Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mellissa Fung comments on the complete inaccuracy of the Globe and Mail’s reporting:

The Globe and Mail:
The folks who dutifully delivered to Canadians, Stephen Harper’s lies about tax leakage from income trusts, are now apparently covering up salient details about Harper’s prisoner exchange for Mellissa Fung.

My interest in the Mellissa Fung story, given we were only told about it after the fact, resides in the fact that it reveals, proof positive, that the Canadian media can be orchestrated by political forces, as I have always believe occurred in the media's coverage of Harper's income trust fraud.

Although Canadians were deprived knowledge of Mellissa' kidnapping that occurred two days before the federal election, news of Mellissa's kidnapping was revealed in real time in the Afghan media? I guess fully informed Canadians are Harper's true enemy. Meanwhile Harper is advancing the false notion that no prisoners were exchanged to secure Mellissa's release. She tell us otherwise. Evidently the Globe has its own reasons to misreport this Mellissa Fung story, just as it totally misreported on Harper's $35 billion income trust fraud.

Interviewer: What do you know now about the kinds of negotiations that went on? There were reports that there were prisoner exchanges, reports that JTF-2 was left on hold, Canada's commando unit, just in case they could help you.

Mellissa Fung: I didn't know about any of that.

Did you hear any of this?

Mellissa Fung:
No, but I read a Globe and Mail article the other day that was totally wrong. I had to laugh because none of it was true except they got my name right.

Interviewer: What was it about?

Mellissa Fung: It was about trading up, that I traded hands three times and — I don't remember the details. But I had to laugh because there was nothing about it that was right except they spelled my name right.

I now understand that Afghan intelligence had sort of fingered the family of the ringleader of this gang and had arrested a whole bunch of them, and it was a prisoner exchange that they agreed to release the family if the group would release me, and that's what ended up happening.


Anonymous said...

I guess fully informed Canadians are Harper's true enemy.

I couldn't agree more Brent.

Look at what is happening at the Conservative Policy Convention in Winnipeg.

Shutting out Canadian Media from a mainsteam party convention is unheard of. I guess hiding extreme-right-wingers at the convention is more important than a free press.

Free press is the enemy of the Harper Party.

Another Article said...

No media access at the CPC convention in Winnipeg. click the name-link

Dr Mike said...

Tsk .... Tsk .... Tsk.

When will Canadians ever learn that Harper is in it for himself & only himself.

His vision is one of the Evangelical right--a vision not held by Canadians in general.

Muzzling the media is his only way of sheltering us from the truth--a truth that will work to his expulsion.

The Melissa Fung debacle was only one instance in a line of many & it certainly will not be the last.

All kneel to the King.

Dr Mike Popovich.