Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bravo Don Newman

Don Newman’s handling tonight of Flaherty’s Parliamentary Gopher, Ted Menzies, was as good as professional journalism gets. Unfortunately it isn’t a standard shared by many in the press. Don Newman challenged Ted Menzies claim about what degree of warning Menzies had given to Parliament about the timing of improved EI benefits. Ted Menzies gave one flattering account of what he had said in Parliament, and Don Newman gave another, by reading to Menzies his actual spoken words from Hansard, which weren’t so nearly flattering.

Don Newman 1, Ted Menzies 0.

This contrasts with people like Carol Goar of the Toronto Star who was happy to parrot Jin Flaherty’s claims of tax leakage from income trusts, and when challenged about that, profferred up this lame comment in her professional defense: “I didn't explore the possibility that [Flaherty] was lying. Perhaps I should have.”

After which she did absolutelly nothing to rectify the error she had just admitted to?

See also:It shouldn’t be the role of journalists to knowingly propagate lies


Anonymous said...

But where was Don Newman on challenging Flaherty's Income Trust Myths and subsequent 18 blacked out pages? Has he suddenly found a new sense of professionalism? It's not to late for him to expose and challenge the trust lies. If he continues to do nothing he is no better than Carol Goar except when he chooses to go after the small fish.


Adam M said...

I loved this episode.

I was so happy when Ted Menzies quoted the date of his comments and Don Newman said he just so happened to have the transcripts from that day and read what he had said out loud.

And then Ted Menzies trying to imply that the quote was somehow not totally different in its content from what he had said.

This is the stuff the Daily Show pulls (albeit not usually live or in person with the subject present on the show as they're doing it). It's about time journalists go back to what they should be doing and manage to catch up with the job comedians are doing with calling people on their false statements.

I do love Don Newman.

Dr Mike said...

One for the little guy & about time too.

The media has let politicians off of the hook far too long & they have been allowed to get away with anything they please.

As with the income trust file , guys like Menzies & Flaherty just thumb their noses at us & could not care less.

I certainly want to thank Don Newman for sticking the sharp point of the stick into Menzies behind but why has this become the exception rather than the standard rule--the media has become lazy & fearful & that is a lethal combination both for themselves & for us.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Thank you Don Newman for actually doing your job and not being a slave to corporate swine that evening.

As for Carol Goar - she is a typical CON and embarrassment to her gender. She is the type that provides ample ammunition for those against affirmative action.
Apparently the CONS are now trying again with bill C-10.