Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Toronto Star has itself to thank for putting " too many seniors' income security at stake"

With the exception of a handful of its practitioners, I disdain the Canadian press. Especially the hypocritical and sanctimonious Canadian press and their feigned concern about seniors. None more than the Toronto Star whose Editorial Board I met with on April 12, 2007 to discuss how seniors income security was being put at stake by the Star's blind support of Harper’s income trust tax. Now we have the sanctimonious and hypocritical Toronto Star maligning Harper for that very thing, putting senior’s income at stake.

Hello? What action of the Harper government has been most responsible for “too many seniors' income security being at stake.", if not Harper's income trust tax?

The worst part about my meeting with the Toronto Star editorial board was when they attempted to defend Harper’s use of 18 pages of blacked out documents as his “proof” (ahem) of tax leakage. Bob Hepburn demanded that I explain to them why it was that Harper would have implemented this tax. I told him that was his job to figure out as a reporter. At that point Hepburn said the meeting would end unless I gave my explanation, which I said I would only do so reluctantly. I was half way through explaining how the life insurance companies like Manulife and Power Financial were the ones who lobbied for this tax in order to sell more of their competing products. Bob Hepburn then interupted me with the declaration that this explanation was just some “conspiracy theory”, to which I retorted, “no the conspiracy theory is the one that is being aggressively advanced in your paper, namely the totally bogus conspiracy theory that income trusts cause tax leakage.”

The Toronto Star’s self centered commercial reasons for killing income trusts is obvious to anyone with knowledge of the Toronto Star. This motive has everything to do with the Star’s non voting share structure and preserving their Atkinson Principles, but has nothing to do with preserving Principle Principles or genuine concern over too many seniors income security being at stake.

Pox on the Toronto Star and its crocodile tears over an outcome it was instrumental in bringing about......impoverishing seniors with its support of Harper’s lies about income trusts

PM's `political games' 

Toronto Star

Mar 11, 2009 04:30 AM
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It is a little rich for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to accuse the opposition parties of playing "political games" while the nation struggles with an economic crisis, as he did yesterday.

After all, Harper is Ottawa's consummate political games player. He is the one who cooked up excuses to call an early election last October, who introduced a mini-budget last November that was more about damaging his political foes than fixing the economy, and who played the "separatist" card when the opposition parties tried to replace his government with their own coalition last December.

Yet in his speech in Brampton yesterday, he accused the opposition of obstructing the government's economic stimulus package. "These measures are simply too important to risk being delayed by an opposition determined to play politics," said Harper. "Too many jobs, too many families' mortgage payments, and too many seniors' income security are at stake."

That would be a compelling argument if it were true. But the opposition parties are not holding up the government's package. The budget has already been passed by the House of Commons and is now before the Senate, which intends to wrap up its hearings by the end of March.

As for the spending estimates, to which Harper specifically referred in his speech ("pass the estimates"), they have not been tabled yet. It is true that the Liberals have threatened to vote against the estimates unless the government provides some accounting of how infrastructure money will be distributed. But that does not seem an unreasonable request in a minority Parliament. So just who is playing political games?


Dr Mike said...

It`s sure no wonder that traditional print media & all traditional media for that matter , is soon to go tits-up.

These guys are so out of touch with reality that they could not even be contestants on "Survivor" for God`s sake.

Maybe it is just me but what happened to independent thought , guys like Walter Cronkite , Bernstein , & Woodward , guys who were willing to put it all on the line for the sake of the story & free speech.

The present crop is pathetic & I cannot see any improvement in the offing for the foreseeable future.

As I say tits-up!!

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing with the public what a horrible company TO Star media really is.
Have a look at their financial reports from 2006 - 2009 - look at the bios of some key management people and it becomes very clear this is a CON company that tries to brand itself as Liberal in order to profit. The drop in their share prices should come as no surprise. For me as a Trust Unit investor - I am so glad I cancelled my TO Star subscription in 2007 and my Metroland papers in 2008. Also glad they are struggling financially now. This co deserves it. I will have to look up the Atkinson principle for a better understanding of why they suck. Thanks.

They are disgusting with the way the Metroland division (a.k.a. local papers in the GTA) is run. Often third rate talent with factual & spelling mistakes and a blatant CON bias. They threaten any competition on a local level and none can compete. They also charge their carriers a fee for inserting flyers. It is usually kids that deliver the local paper so for my household - we don't support or believe in Child Labour like India or China. This company is capable of paying their carriers a proper pay cheque and should not be passing on that charge. Pigs! So glad we cancelled.
Ad reps at all levels and divisions of this company treat their advertisers like crap. They inflate their numbers to sell advertising, lie about print quality on specialty publication stuff, and treat contributors like writers, illustrators and photographers like crap and are barely capable of paying their invoices on time. Editors schedule things at stupid times for business owners or conditions are set up for their creatives to fail. They ensure a high turnover so there is no incentive for contributiors to do good work. The sales reps control the editorial boards and corporate culture dictates ad reps must make a sport of disrespecting editors. These self esteem lacking, no backbone editors shovel their work off to contributors and don't increase pay rates for that extra work. Maybe that helps explain why you will only find a "Woodward & Bernstein" on the net instead of in mainstream media?
To Star sales reps will slam the Metroland division to sell advertising in the supposed reputable GTA "Liberal" paper. They make it sound like the local division is competition. It is the same company - both are equally crappy.
This latest of finding out a highly educated, and Canada's only representative on the Trust Unit Issue was disrespected and accused of a conspiracy theory is offensive. Brent - thanks so much for trying. Sorry you had to put up with that crap at the meeting. So glad I cancelled all my papers and refuse to use any ToStar media website. Advertisers must be sent the message loud and clear - research where you are placing your ad and do your own homework to make sure you are reaching your target audience.