Sunday, March 29, 2009

HST: Flaherty's tax on everything

With a 13% tax on everything in Ontario, courtesy of Jim Flaherty, does this mean that Ontario has now become the last place in Canada to consume, raise a family, purchase a new home?


Dr Mike said...

I`ve gotten so used to having my hands up in the surrender position when I see Jim Flaherty that I was already there when Duncan threw us the shaft the other day.

Who in their right mind would ever listen to Flaherty as he is so far out in left field that even Happy Jack Layton had to move over.

You have got to know that we are in for the big one when the gov`t throws us a "rebate"style bribe as these clowns never give us anything unless we are about to pay for it big time.

Woe is us!!

Dr Mike

penlan said...


In your poll you've spelled Ignatieff's 1st name incorrectly. It's Michael. :)

Leeky Sweek said...

I thought McGuinty introduced the HST....I didn't see a gun to his head.

Besides, I thought Libs liked taxes...:)