Saturday, March 14, 2009

The man who lied to Canadians about tax leakage, sings a new tune

Central bank ditches economic rebound prediction

Globe and Mail
March 14, 2009

HORSHAM, England — The Bank of Canada seems to have ditched its prediction for a made-in-Canada economic rebound next year.

Speaking to reporters at the Group of 20 finance ministers meeting in Horsham, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney hinted strongly that his last forecast for 3.8 per cent growth in 2010 is no longer valid. “Clearly the risks are breaking to the downside,” he said, referring to the string of grim Canadian and international growth data in recent weeks.


Anonymous said...

Is Carney short for Carnival? This guy is a real clown. Does he actually get paid for all the predictions and drivel that he utters?

Anonymous said...

Mark Carney was involved with the Fake bankrupcy of Stelco a few years back along with the ABCP lawyer that kept all the bankers and financial chaps from Bay Street out of jail and kept them from being sued . And they rewarded Carney by making him head banker for Canada . What a clueless lot - thought we wouldn't notice I guess.

Donald Wilson

Anonymous said...

You mean 'Mark the Carney' got it wrong and admitted it? Lets rewind him back to 2006 and have him make another admission on being wrong.


Anonymous said...

Sabia must have pictures of some*** do*** some***. What else explains his ability to slide in and ***?

Going from Finance to BCE had some sense, if goal was to do*** some*** to smooth a special tax assisted deal. Clearly the BCE takeover needed Flaherty's intervention.

But why would Caisse take on a failed bureaucrat as top gun? Afterall, Caisse needs to net $5 to $10 billion a year in net asset growth, and there's nothing like that in Sabia's track-record.

What makes his juju so bam-bam?

Dr Mike said...

No surprise here!!

Carney , Big Jim Flaherty & Steve "the Boss" Harper all share the same pair of rose-colored glasses left over from the Mulroney era.

Or maybe they are just "the Glass is half full" people.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

Quelle surprise!

As part of the string of "worst ever" we'll be able to add Governor of the Bank of Canada to PM and Finance Minister.


Bruce Benson said...

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Carney proves himself an idiot but most Canadians didn't even notice it. Just like the 75% of Canadians without a Pension Plan (pot to piss in). They too have not noticed that the Tax Fairness Plan is like screwing themselves. Not very satisfying. Hey, the satisfied three (Harper, Flaherty & Carney) have been happy doing it to so many and nary a word has been seen in the press. So many Canadian assholes believing the gospel according to the all mighty Harper and his clan of cronies. We just can't seem to catch a break anywhere.

Dr Mike said...

Hey Bruce

Wonder why the trusts did not follow the lead of Colabor Income Fund & just tell Flaherty to go take a flying flip & let themselves be taxed at a corporate rate--just carry-on with expansion & business as before.

Colabor is thriving & there is not anything Dinky Jim can do about it.

Dr Mike.

Bruce Benson said...

Mike, there must be a sledge hammer hidden some where, Colabor is just another pesky little nat that needs to be crushed.