Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ignatieff states that he will bring back income trusts

The question and Ignatieff’s answer appears at the 5:44 mark.

Sadly you will note that Kevin O”Leary poses the question on behalf of 5 Trust CEO’s, as opposed to the millions of Canadians seeking to provide for retirement income.

Also no mention by Ignatieff, this time, that Flaherty's argument of tax leakage is "fallacious".


Dr Mike said...

Finally , someone with some common sense.

The best economic stimulus is the removal of the Tax (Un)Fairness Plan which was ill-conceived from the very beginning.

Iggy has my vote.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

After watching my old cash cows (formerly fantastic trust investments) deteriorate more and more every day in my portfolio, as trust investor I will take any publicity or lobbying I can get on this issue. Too many Canadians don't understand including many so called "professional financial advisors".
While I agree it would have been nice if Ignatieff had set the record straight on Flaherty and spoke on behalf of Canadians instead of corporations, but realistically government rarely responds to the people unless their own jobs become in jeopardy.
At this point as a Trust Unit Investor in several companies, I want and expect the CEO's of my investments to make lots of noise and kick up whatever kind of a stink is necessary in order to reverse the CON damage to Trusts. It is in their job description. As a shareholder in retrospect - I don't think they have been working hard enough on this issue. Thank goodness for CAITI - efforts from Brent and this group deserve to be recognized. It is clear diplomacy or other efforts have not been very effective so far on this issue. This should come as no surprise as historically CONs only seem to respond to their own style of vicious attack methods no matter what the issue. Go Trust Unit CEO's go. Do whatever it takes to get things back on track.