Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mark Carney Quiz

Today's Globe: In a statement yesterday, Carney acknowledged he had been overly optimistic when he predicted in January the Canadian economy would start to recover in mid-2009 and turn in growth of 3.8 per cent next year.

Today's Star:
Central bank cuts key interest rate to nearly zero to spur lending, but economist sees limited impact

Today's Star: Carney running out of rate-cut ammunition

Mark Carney Quiz: Rate cutting Governor of the Bank of Canada or Cut Rate Governor of the Bank of Canada......or both?


Dr Mike said...

Wonder why Carney always seems to look like he thinks he is doing us a big favor by being the Bank of Canada head cheese.

When he speaks he projects condescension as if he can just barely put-up with the rest of us.

Maybe if he smiled more??

Well .......

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

cut rate governor
cut rate economist
cut rate goldman sachs employee
first rate goldman sachs stooge for Paulson


Anonymous said...

"Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said the central bank is running out of room to cut further."  More astute economic anal-ysis from Jimmy.  Yes Jimmy 0.5% is close to zero.  So let's go with "quantitative easing" that Bernanke and Paulson tried and failed with months ago!  Stay ahead of the curve flatulence.