Monday, March 9, 2009

Unlike dogmatic Harper, Obama wants the facts to speak for themselves:

Today President Barack Obama stated:

"It is about ensuring that scientific data is never distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda”.

This is exactly what Stephen Harper, Jim Flaherty and Mark Carney are guilty of “distorting scientific data to serve a political agenda”.

Harper made a promise during the 2006 election that garnered him hundreds of thousands of votes with his promise to never tax income trusts.

Once in office, he found himself the target of intense lobbying to reverse that promise. He needed a good excuse to reverse his promise.

That excuse was the excuse that income trusts cause tax leakage. Such a claim is a totally fraudulent argument, as it is false, and the falsehood caused Canadians to lose $35 billion.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what talking head Jack Mintz had to say to me in an email correspondence of November 28, 2006;

“I do want to point out that there is a serious flaw in some analyses especially on the taxation of pension and RRSP accounts. Finance was not right to treat the impact as zero.”

The effect of this is to distort the facts in order to concoct the tax leakage argument. Proper inclusion of these taxes would mean that income trusts DO NOT cause tax leakage.

Stephen Harper is a fraud and a liar. His tactics are completely out of place in a modern democracy. The NDP may be easily fooled. Doesn’t mean that we should.

I for one, refuse to be lied to by my government. Why are others so willing to be lied to, especially the press?


Kephalos said...

"Why are others so willing to be lied to, especially the press?"

My intuition is that the Globe and CanWest journalists were ordered to repeat the lie, and they did -- excepting only, of course, our guardian angel, Diane Francis.

Another thing is how callous and uncaring Harper, Flaherty, Simpson, Reguly, Corcoran, Chevreau, etc all were; and still are.

Harper and Flaherty destroyed billions of dollars of retirement savings and Simpson piously said "It was the right decision."

Canadian democracy? Press freedom to tell the truth, or press ownership right to profit from owner-approved lies?

Dr Mike said...

I am equally pissed at all the falsehoods this gov`t has been able to concoct in the name of so-called tax fairness.

It is sad when your own gov`t who you hope you can trust becomes nothing more than a front for big business leaving the little guy to twist sideways in the wind.

Sad but true.

Dr Mike

CAITI said...


I forwarded your excellent comment to:

"Simpson, Reguly, Corcoran, Chevreau, etc"

and to:

"our guardian angel, Diane Francis."

Brent Fullard

Dr Mike said...


I hope you didn`t use your name or it will be "vaporize city".

Are you quaking in your boots yet??

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

So true Kephalos.
Yeah, Diane Francis is awesome. She has always been great about digging up CON dirt. I guess nobody read her book on Brian Mulroney? She probably wrote it around 1989? If you did read it - you would never vote CON again under any circumstance.

Unsolicited suggestion ... maybe CAITI members would like to see a book of some kind on the Income Trust issue? You and Diane can both write well and your styles complement each other. It would be an interesting read.
At the very least I could use a hard copy of something for when my NDP or CON friends don't take my Liberal/Green views seriously. I am starting to think some of them really need to be hit hard over the head in order to understand the importance of the Income Trust thing. It is everyone's issue - not just the over 60 crowd. Maybe they could learn through osmosis? Or does osmosis involve too much science for a CON/NDP? These are the same morons who destroyed the CAN economy with their position on Trusts and prevented a lot of people from receiving treatments due to their equally ignorant position on stem cell research. The CONS have a George Bush position on stem cells and have managed to make a huge mess when it comes to scientific research in Canada.