Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Steve, are we there yet?

Stephen Harper: "“My own belief is if we were going to have some kind of big crash or recession, we probably would have had it by now.” (Septmeber 15, 2008)

Steve, are we there yet?

Chrysler Canada cuts 1,200 jobs at Windsor plant
Mar. 4 2009
Chrysler says it is cutting about 1,200 jobs in Windsor, Ont. as the troubled automaker plans to eliminate the third shift at its minivan assembly plant there.

1,500 face layoff as Hamilton, Nanticoke steel mills close

March 3, 20009
U.S. Steel Canada, formerly known as Stelco, is temporarily shutting down its Hamilton mill and most of its nearby Lake Erie operations, affecting 1,500 jobs.

Wal-Mart Canada to close 6 Sam's Club stores, and layoff 1,200

The Associated Press
February 26, 2009
TORONTO: Wal-Mart Canada will close its Sam's Club stores employing 1,200 people in Ontario next month, Canada's largest department store operator said Thursday.

De Beers announces 128 layoffs at N.W.T.'s Snap Lake mine
Canadian Press
February 25, 2009
YELLOWKNIFE — De Beers Canada is laying off workers and suspending work with contractors at its Northwest Territories Snap Lake diamond mine.

Nortel cutting 3,200 jobs worldwide
Globe and Mail Update
February 25, 2009
Nortel Networks Corp. said it will cut an additional 3,200 jobs worldwide over the next several months and cancel all bonuses due from last year as it struggles to chart a new course under bankruptcy protection.

Torstar cuts 64 jobs at three southern Ont. papers

February 23 2009
The Canadian Press
TORONTO -- Three southern Ontario newspapers owned by Torstar Corp. (TSX:TS.B) are cutting a total of about 64 jobs in a streamlining caused by slumping advertising revenues.

NRC looks to pare 300 jobs

The Ottawa Citizen
February 20, 2009 5:02 PM
OTTAWA — In what’s being described as a potential blow to Canada’s innovation infrastructure, the National Research Council is conducting a major review that will eliminate three research groups, downsize another, and cost up to 300 jobs, including research scientists, the Citizen has learned.

Hudson's Bay cuts 1,000 jobs

Feb 04, 2009
Canada's largest department store chain is slashing 1,000 jobs across Canada, or 5 per cent of its full-time workforce, citing the need to cut costs.

Bombardier cutting 1,360 jobs
Globe and Mail Update
February 5, 2009
MONTREAL — Faced with a greater-than-usual level of deferrals and cancellations for business jets in uncertain times, Bombardier Inc. is slashing 1,360 jobs, or about 4.5 per cent of its total aerospace work force.

Xstrata cutting 686 jobs at Canadian nickel operations

Last Updated: Monday, February 9, 2009
CBC News
Xstrata Plc said Monday it is eliminating 686 permanent jobs from its Sudbury, Ont., mining operations.

Pratt & Whitney Canada to cut 1,000 jobs
The Canadian Press
February 11, 2009
MONTREAL — Quebec-based aircraft-engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. said Wednesday it will lay off 1,000 people worldwide over the coming months.

Transcontinental Inc. to lay off 1,500 workers

February 18, 2009
Financial Post
Montreal-based publisher and commercial printer Transcontinental Inc. said on Wednesday it will lay off 1,500 employees across its North American operations.

Job losses expected to hit 15,000 as Alberta forecasts recession this year

February 19, 2009
Canadian Press
EDMONTON — Alberta's energy-rich economy is tumbling into a recession after leading the country for years and the province is now projecting 15,000 lost jobs this year.

Sears Canada slashes 300 jobs as retail sales slump

Company says half of the cuts occurred at Toronto head office
Toronto Star
Feb 20, 2009 04:30 AM

Company says half of the cuts occurred at Toronto head offic
Feb 20, 2009 04:30 AM
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Dana Flavelle
Business reporter

Sears Canada Inc. has laid off 300 workers, half of them in its Toronto headquarters
, amid worsening business conditions for retailers.
December consumer bankruptcies jump 50% from previous year
February 9, 2009
CBC News
Consumer bankruptcy filings shot up by 50 per cent in December 2008 from the same month a year earlier, the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada said Monday.

Canadian Housing Starts Fall to the Lowest Since 2001

February 9, 2009
(Bloomberg) -- Canadian housing starts fell to the lowest since 2001, as work on urban single-family dwellings plunged to the least since 1996.

Canadian Association of Broadcasters cuts 14 staff, president, and COO

The Hill Times, February 9th, 2009
Industry watchers say it's a sign of bad economic times and significant changes to Canada's broadcasting industry.


Dr Mike said...

Harper`s vision of a North American/Global economy is an absolute bust.

By allowing & even encouraging foreign takeovers he has left us open to the ills of the rest of the world.

He has now promoted the wholesale movement of jobs offshore as companies pull back to the center---this was not a factor when the center was still in Canada but Mr Harper saw to it that this was no longer the case.

Exit jobs stage right!!!

This should be followed very soon by the exit of Stephen Harper stage left.

Dr Mike Popovich.

crf said...

Dr Mike ...

I'm not sure what you mean by Harper allowing & encouraging foreign takeovers: I think allowing foreigners to buy Canadian companies has been policy for quite some time.

In my opinion, it's been 20 years of subtle mistakes by the federal government that has allowed industy in Canada to lapse. For a present day example, look at our nuclear industry: where it is, and where it could be, and what will soon become of what's left of it.

And if you want to go further back in time, look at our aerospace industry, which still hugely suffers from the dismantlement of avro.

Look at the forestry industry. We're like a third world country compared to Finland.

Look at Canada's science policy. It's directionless and shallow. Few politicians understand science.

We have not got a modern industrial policy in this country. We've regressed to a early 20th century-type economy. A banana republic to the United States.

Dr Mike said...


I was specifically referring to his devastating income trust policy which led to the direct conversion of billions of dollars of truly Canadian assets into foreign hands with the resultant loss of over a billion dollars in direct tax payment.

Dr Mike.