Monday, March 30, 2009

Mark Blarney

Hometown boy makes good as Bank of Canada governor

My comment:

I wonder what Mark Carney's teachers would think about their star pupil if they learned that while he was in the Department of Finance, in charge of the income trust file, that he fabricated the government's false analysis of tax leakage by arbitrarily leaving out the taxes that are paid on the 38% of income trusts held in RRSPs. That little sleight of hand caused Canadians to lose $35 billion of their life savings and caused a wave of foreign takeovers of Canadian trusts, such as Prime West Energy by Abu Dhabi Energy and Prime West Energy by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka Shing.

Keep up the great work Mark.........NOT.


Dr Mike said...

Carney`s present job was an obvious reward for his handling of the trust file as he stepped over several bodies in one fell swoop to get where he is today.

The Governorship was his reward for smashing small investors everywhere.

Jimmy the pirate O` Flaherty will be ever grateful.

It is the rest of us who suffer for the arrogance of these few.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Obviously a very, very slow news day for the Calgary Herald.
Too bad for them crap like this on Carney is not going to sell newspapers. Perhaps the truth, like his role on income trusts would do the trick for selling papers. His role with Income Trusts is a much more interesting story with tons of material for editorials. People love paparazzi style, scandal stories that go on for days and days ... that sells printed publications.

Sucks to be the Calgary Herald for missing the boat on this amazing story opportunity. Looks like they are in the business of ass kissing instead of journalism based on this crappy, boring biased article. Looks like one of Mark Carney's staff wrote the piece.

Kephalos said...

The older I get, the more and more I see motifs and themes of ancient myth and legend occurring in Canadian politics. I'm talkin pride, arrogance, hubris, deceit, inflicting harm on the innocent blah, blah, blah...

But I'm reassuraed that truth will out. Did you notice that a Spanish court is looking into the torture of innocents by the Bush boys?

I know some about the lies and distortions of the Income Trust Massacre. I believe somewhere in the Finance Department the whole story is waiting to come out.

The situation reminds me of the following myth.

"In Greek mythology, Tereus (king of Thrace) was a son of Ares and husband of Procne. Procne and Tereus had a son, Itys.

"Tereus desired (lusted for, actually) his wife's sister, Philomela (princess of Athens). He forced himself upon her (and raped her), then cut her tongue out and held her captive so she could never tell anyone. He told his wife that her sister had died. Philomela wove letters in a tapestry depicting Tereus's crime and sent it secretly to Procne.

So the truth came out. Makes me think there's a tapestry on the walls somewhere in Finance telling the true story.