Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Flaherty: Cause of pension fund crisis or solution?

Photo: Taken in the riding of Whitby-Oshawa during the 2008 election.

This is pretty rich coming from Flaherty who destroyed $35 billion in Canadians retirement savings, and took away essential investment choices from Canadians seeking pension income, based on his patent lie about tax leakage/

Ministers meet for pension crisis talks

Participants set sights on holding 2010 summit
Les Whittington Ottawa Bureau
Toronto Star
December 16, 2009

OTTAWA–With nearly a third of all Canadian families lacking any pension savings, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and his provincial counterparts are hoping in the next few days to find new ways to keep seniors from winding up in poverty. While the gathering in Whitehorse on Thursday and Friday is far too short to solve Canada's "pension crisis," participants hope to come up with a schedule that would lead to a "summit" involving Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the premiers next year.


Anonymous said...

Flaherty says we have assets in our home.
Well cheap rates are keeping our homes up in value eventually that story will end.

CAITI said...


Does Flaherty want us all to take out home equity loans and lever up like the Americans to create an overheated consumer economy, so he can look like our economic saviour and Euromoney Man of the year?


Anonymous said...

Brent That's what is happening and what jim mark and steve the comedy team of the century are asking us to do.Leverage your home you pension less sap of a Canadian.

Then he softens his tone and says Canadians are prudent and will watch their debt levels.Now I am confused do we leverage our home or not Jim or do I have to ask david suzuki


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CAITI said...


Is that was Flaherty was really saying? I can’t believe it, meanwhile Carney is preaching the gospel of too much debt is Canadian consumers’ greatest risk going forward. Nice mixed messages coming from the Flaherty/Carney cabal?


Dr Mike said...

"Jim Flaherty and his provincial counterparts are hoping in the next few days to find new ways to keep seniors from winding up in poverty."

Now that is rich!!

It was Jim Flaherty & his federal counterparts that put us there when they took away our income trust revenue.

He turned our revenue streams into mere trickles of cash & moved us to the front of the Meow Mix lines at Walmart & No Frills.

There is plenty of blame to go around here as there sure was no shortage of followers of the man from Whitby.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Ministers of Finance will consider Master Limited Partnerships (just like in the States) as a new way to keep Seniors from ending up in poverty.

Oh yea, we already (for a while anyway) have Master Limited Partnerships up here...where they are called Income Trust businesses.


Marx-A-Million said...

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