Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Speculation that Flaherty has outlived his incompetence and deceit.

Today’s Calgary Herald has Don Martin speculating that Flaherty has outlived his incompetence and deceit as Canada’s Finance Minister.

Gee, wasn’t it Don Martin of the Calgary Herald who prematurely let Flaherty off the hook when he wrote about 2 years ago that “Flaherty has finally put the income trusts issue behind him.” Now we have Don Martin citing the income trust issue as the number one reason for Flaherty to get reassigned to a, (ahem) "less demanding" portfolio, as follows:

The key portfolio trades, nominated by experienced Tories with reasonable apprehensions of being semi-right, are as follows:

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty: he’s done reasonably well in this recession year, but the income trust tax reversal, the near-death experience from his 2008 fiscal update and his exuberant plunge into deficit spending have tainted his three-year ministerial resume. With next year’s budget about to flatline fresh spending, Flaherty’s MPP spouse Christine Elliott poised to tackle the federal-endorsed harmonized sales tax in Ontario and the nasty business of using deep cuts to exit the deficit, a fresh face is required. Best Flaherty fit: transport and (his deficit-financed) infrastructure.


Dr Mike said...

Transport is the perfect fit for our man Jim.

We could run him out of town on a rail after we add a light coating of tar & feathers.

Jim did that for us once , the least we could do is return the favor.

Thanks Jim for "nuthin".

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Flathead to Transport – good fit .

Aren’t ambulances transportation. He knows all about them because he has been chasing them for years, before being the Minister of Destruction. By handling this portfolio he will regain the focus and conditioning, that he will need when he returns to the roads. -- Sean

CAITI said...


Flaherty was also big on that uneconomic train link from Whitby to Peterborough to Ottawa. Transport has Flaherty’s name written all over it. Maybe Dean Del Mastro could be Flaherty’s Parliamentary assistant?


Anonymous said...

Flaherty will do severe damage no matter what portfolio he is assigned. He is the most inept federal minister this country has seen in more than 100 years. Even his wife can't rustle up any respect for him, or his office. Right now the political landscape in this country is as arid as a desert. There is no respect for seniors evident in the government, or in the general population. If it wasn't for golf I would be in full-time despair of the future..... :)

John F

Dr Mike said...

John F

Agreed on the golf.

It is almost impossible to remember how tragic a place this world is when one is playing golf. ~Robert Lynd

Dr Mike