Sunday, December 6, 2009

Harper HST and Booed at Montreal Canadiens Memorial

As reported by BigCityLib:

Les Glorieux were on fire tonight. The fans were pumped. By mid-period, people were already going hoarse form the cheering. They killed a 2 minute 5 on 3 and took it down the length of the ice and scored. Carey was a wall, a reinforced concrete wall.

And then...

The Prime Minister of our beloved country, Stephen Harper, appeared on the giant screen.

Instantly, the raucus crowd turned their deafening cheers to deadening boos like someone had flicked a switch. You could not hear a single word he said from the moment his face showed itself. Loud and sustained for the whole 60-90 seconds of his English message and then his French message and his obligatory nerdy thumbs up.

This seemed to me a very surprisingly angry booing. I was really taken aback. The anger was quite palpable. I've never been a part of something like that. I don't think your ordinary Montrealer likes our Prime Minister all that much.


Anonymous said...

The Habs ran into a Bruins team they won't see again. Witness the beating the Bruins laid on Toronto on Saturday.

That said, glad they booed Harpo!

Anonymous said...

Harper is a Leaf fan. I would boo too.

Dr Mike said...

We have been boooooo-ing Harper since Oct 31 2006.

We need an effective opposition in this country who could give him a "Political kick in the Ass".

We are still looking.

Dr Mike Popovich