Wednesday, December 9, 2009

John Manley. LOL

John Manley? Puhlease!

What a joke for James Morton to cite the views of John Manley to make his weak case for Ignatieff’s supporting the HST.

John Manley is the new head of the CCCE for goodness sakes.

He is now employed full time as a paid lobbyist for a group of corporations who are the beneficiaries of this windfall tax cut for corporations.

What did you expect him to say, that the HST is a shifting of tax burden from corporations on to the shoulders of individuals?

Of course not. That would be telling the truth!

Since when did paid lobbyists ever tell the truth? Especially the ones working for corporations with a commercial interest at play?


Dr Mike said...

Well , this tax just passed third & final reading in the house in Toronto--so our goose is cooked.

This just shows you what is wrong with gov`ts---80% of the people in Ontario don`t want the tax---we hire & pay for the politicians to do what we want--yet we get the tax because they tell us that they know best & that we know squat.

I shudder to think what they would do if they were not working for us.

Dr Mike

Wendy Chan said...

I disagree. If Manley had run for leader we would be the government.

CAITI said...

Wendy Chan:

You can live in your fantasy world of "ifs", meanwhile I will continue to live in the world of "what's".

What's John Manley? A total sell out, who is happy to leverage his time in office into some big pay day as head of the CCCE. Not my idea of public service by a long shot.

Brent Fullard