Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Government by the corporations, for the corporations

New tax shows that politicians just don't get it

London Free Press
2nd December 2009, 3:39am

The July 1 imposition of an unwanted Harmonized Sales Tax on millions of Canadians, which took another step forward on Parliament Hill yesterday, is a symbol of a growing malaise in Canadian politics.

It's the increasing disconnection of Canada's political elite, both in the nation's capital and in the provinces, regardless of whether they are Conservatives or Liberals, from the people they are supposed to serve.

This time the victims are millions of British Columbians and Ontarians, whose respective Liberal provincial governments -- aided and abetted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's federal Conservatives -- are imposing on them a new, unwanted and hated Harmonized Sales Tax in the middle of a struggling, jobless recovery. A tax that neither B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell nor Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty campaigned on in their last provincial elections.

A tax Campbell said he would not impose. As for McGuinty, he has broken his 2003 election promise not to raise taxes so many times, a beleaguered and broke Ontario public responds with derisive laughter every time anyone mentions his repeatedly shattered pledge today.

In Ottawa, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff -- a man who has simultaneously praised the oil sands in Alberta, while advocating in Ottawa greenhouse gas emissions cuts that would gut them -- ended months of coming down on all sides of the HST by declaring, long after it even mattered, the Liberals would support Harper's enabling legislation.

By the time Ignatieff finally figured out the official Liberal position, the Bloc already had decided to back Harper, making Liberal support unnecessary and leaving the NDP, both federally and provincially in B.C. and Ontario, the only party consistently opposed to the tax. (In Ontario, the Conservatives have split with their federal cousins to oppose the HST.)

To add insult to injury, all federal taxpayers will now be conscripted into paying $5.9 billion to the governments of B.C. and Ontario, so they can impose a 12% HST in B.C. and a 13% HST in Ontario, that the majority of citizens in both provinces don't want. Let's just call this what it is -- taxation without representation -- with the Conservative Harper and the Liberals' Campbell and McGuinty sharing the blame. Liberal, Tory? Same old story.


Dr Mike said...

I guess when you have gold plated pensions & massive perks (good pay too) , you don`t sweat the small stuff like heating your house or cutting your hair.

If you can still afford at Tv , you won`t soon be able to pay the hydro bill anyway--& forget about a cool glass of water (without ice) as that will be hiked out of sight as the price of water skyrockets as well (man how I hate dry meow Mix).

The real world escapes these clowns.

As long as you are big business , you get the goodies.

Dr Mike

PS---I wonder when they will send out the $1000 cheques that we all pay for---got to get me one of those.

PSS---A special thank you to Mr Ignatieff for not stopping my $1000 cheque---it could have been so easy to do the right thing & stop this turkey--so thanks again.

Anonymous said...

According to Benito Mussolini, fascism is more correctly called "corporatism."


Anonymous said...

As citizens, instead of the HST tax let’s come up with a FOAD tax, It will only apply to Politicians, including those living in taxpayer provided residences like 24 Sussex and Stornoway.

Anonymous said...

It's a freebie. The Libs are giving away seats to the NDP, the only party that will vote against the HST.

Mike, the name of the game is to gain seats & not to lose them.


Dr Mike said...


Exactly---this was a bonus round for the Iggy & he blew it.

I don`t know what these guys running the Lib show are thinking , but obviously , not much.

Iggy had the power to insight near riots in the streets of TO & Vancouver--he could have finally had an issue that showed us something.

So far , we have seen nothing of value.

Damn , Iggy needs to kick some ass & this does not do it.

The Dippers & the Cons must be doing the dance of joy

Dr Mike

Robert Bertuzzi said...

Now that the Income Trusts and the Corporations are on a 'level playing field' can someone tell me how Canada is benefitting from it? Are the corporations now paying their share of taxes? Have they created more jobs for Canadians? Are foreign companies paying any tax at all for buying out Canadian Trusts? BoB Bertuzzi