Friday, December 11, 2009

A simple question for Canada's media

Why was the Canadian media so willing to promulgate Harper's lies about tax leakage?

This is a question I would like to have answered by the Publishers and Editors of Canada’s largest media chains. People like Phillip Crawley of the Globe and Mail and Doug Kelly of the National Post, Bob Hepburn of the Toronto Star.

Why were you, as the heads of Canadian media, so willing to promulgate Harper's lies about tax leakage and for those in your employ to do likewise?

Do you think it is fair that Canadians lose essential choices based on lies? So why did you participate so actively and so knowingly in Harper and Flaherty’s lie about tax leakage? Are you paid to be dumb, or are you paid to report the truth? Are you shills or honest people? Do you think it is fair that Canadians lost $35 billion of their life time savings and in some cases their homes, because of the government’s lies about tax leakage?

I have nothing but disdain and total disrespect for you and the members of your profession, such as it is, to have so blatantly lied and misreported the real truth about tax leakage.

It is either the act of incompetence in the extreme or willful dishonesty.

Forgive me if I make the assumption that no one could actually be that dumb, but many people are capable of being that dishonest, and that your conduct can only be explained by willful dishonesty.

You have disgraced your once proud profession.

Why are you not able to understand this issue of the need for truth in the way that is expressed by MICHAEL DEN TANDT of the Ottawa Sun below? Why are some lies unacceptable and others acceptable?

“The truth should come out. Whether or not we feel any sympathy for Afghan insurgents isn't the point. It's about whether cabinet ministers lied to the people, their employers about what they knew. We mustn't accept that they will habitually lie to us. Once we start doing that, we're doomed.”

Thank you Canadian media and lame Opposition parties members for dooming us to this fate of governments that are led to believe they can get away with one massive tax leakage lie, so they go on to the next lie, whatever that might be. Perhaps whether Afghan detainees were knowingly handed over for torture or not?

Or has your complicit involvement in lies of the Harper government started to make you feel a bit queasy at this point in time?

I certainly hope none of you are parents, for if you are and you took the same callous and amoral approach to raising your children and to their parentage, then chances are they would all probably be delinquents by this point in time, certain in the knowledge that their parents told them and demonstrated to them through their (un)professional conduct as heads of Canadian media, that there are good and proper times in which to lie.

Your capacity for dishonesty does not become you as people, as Canadians, or as members of the profession you have chosen to occupy, in such a shallow and malicious manner.


Dr Mike said...

The media has always played the role of watchdog over past gov`ts.

Unfortunately , they have gone from watching to lapping , as in lapdog , in one administrative life-time.

If you let a govt get away with an essential lie once , then they will feel free to do it again.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...


Now this is something I really would like to know! Did you send this to these people?

Will E.

CAITI said...

Will E.

Yes, I did.

Over the course of the last three years I have had direct face to face meetings ir telephone conversations with each of the people who I identify in this piece, Crawley, Kelly and Hepburn.

They had ample opportunity to get things right, but knowingly went in the other direction.


opit said...

Reading your note with some cynicism, I'm sure it could be construed as an appeal to make the bullshit deeper and to employ more artifice.
One lady who had a habit of letting it 'all hang out' made a priceless distinction between paid propagandists and the title itself.