Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jim Flaherty sanity check

Wasn’t Flaherty the guy who justified leaving out the taxes paid on the 38% of income trusts to arrive at his fallacious “tax leakage” conclusion by saying:

“Well, as Minister of Finance, I have a fiduciary obligation to the taxpayers of Canada today, not tomorrow, an obligation to pay for needed social, environmental and economic programs today, not tomorrow. I cannot, and I will not, fund today's programs from tomorrow's revenues.”

And now this very same person is running a $56 billion budget deficit. What is that, if not: “funding today's programs from tomorrow's revenues.”?

Meanwhile, what happened to Jim’s fiduciary obligation to the taxpayers of today and tomorrow? Jim’s actions are an admission that he has abandoned his fiduciary obligation. Is that not grounds for dismissal?

Flaherty is the biggest hypocrite of a politician this country has ever known. It’s a shame the press never catches on or connects the obvious dots.


Anonymous said...

Flaherty sane? No!

Will E.

Dr Mike said...

My God , that Flaherty guy really makes my blood boil.

He , of the gold plated pensions , limousines , handy dandy Flow Thru Law Firm that forces us all to wait for our tax money , good old Mr Can`t Add 2 + 2 , boy wonder & pirate descendent & the stealer of my hard earned savings.

This is the same guy who does not know the difference between cash accounting & accrual.

Expecting him to do the right thing is about as likely as me passing-up a fresh bowl of meow Mix.

Man does he ever piss me off.

Of course no hard feelings JIm.

Say Jim , maybe if you ever get any cat food coupons in the mail , you could pass them along to us lowly pond scum trust investors.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, according to your comments in the paper this AM you think that the country can be returned to a fiscal surplus by cutting the headcount in the civil service and civil service salaries. Jimmy, I've always thought you were of quite limited intelligence, but this takes the cake! You've become truly delusional. Even if you could get the math to work (it doesn't even, if you fired them all tomorrow with no termination costs) maybe it hasn't been brought to your attention, but these people are all UNIONIZED, which means they bargain collectively and, you might be surprised to learn, will be quite resistant to you cutting their jobs and wages!

You obviously think that the rest of us are stupid enough to think this is possible. Jimmy, it's deeply disturbing to know that you are our Minister of Finance and you believe that cutting civil service payrolls will be enough to turn a $56bn deficit into a surplus and to think that because you say it the rest of us will believe it! You've truly gone over the edge. It's incredible that you would even say this in public, it is so stupid it's beyond belief. I think it's likely that Harper let you say it so you can take the fall when inevitably it proves to be an unworkable fantasy. You lose your job, credibility (no big deal) and he marches on in dictatorship, regrettably (he will say) raising taxes and screwing the electorate as the economy falls off a cliff.
With deep concern and regret,


Anonymous said...

Jimbo was bragging about how he is going to bring back the "Common Sense Revolution"(680 News-or Con Radio), but this time for all of Canada. I guess he forgets that the Mike Harris Government was despised and given a thrashing at the polls. They would be a footnote in Ontario history if not for the unbelievable incompetence of Daulton McGuinty.

Harold Towes

Leonard Okoth said...
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