Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wrongly accused?

How principled of Ignatieff to come rushing to the defense of a Canadian environmentalist who was wrongly accused by Dimitri Soudas (pictured above), the Prime Minster's Press Secretary, of being involved in some PR prank that occurred in Copenhagen yesterday.

Like who really cares in the grander scheme of things?

What about the 2.5 million Canadians income trusts investors who were wrongly accused by the Prime Minister of causing tax leakage. I don’t see Ignatieff doing anything to come to their defense. Why is that?

Who incurred greater damage? This environmentalist’s sensitive ego, or the life savings of 2.5 million Canadians who are being denied choice, based on a completely false premise.

Where is Ignatieff’s sense of priority and true justice?

Save your sense of indignation and outrage for something that merits it, like people losing their source of income for retirement and being lied to by their government about things like tax leakage.

Jane Taber of the Globe writes:

“Yesterday in Copenhagen, we witnessed an unfortunate but all-too frequent demonstration of the Conservative government’s attitude toward dissidence,” said Mr. Ignatieff in a press release. “Dimitri Soudas, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s press secretary, attempted to taint the reputation of respected environmentalist Steven Guilbeault, by accusing him – without any proof – of having written yesterday’s hoax press release parodying the Canadian government’s position on climate change.”

Mr. Ignatieff says that due to the Harper spokesman’s “unjustified public accusation of Mr. Guilbeault," which was caught on CBC video, the Mr. Soudas "should leave Copenhagen and we call on Mr. Harper to recall his Press Secretary to Canada immediately.”


Anonymous said...


When did Ignatieff and the Liberals change their policy on Income Trusts? Are you not doing the same thing here?

Will E.

CAITI said...

Will E.:

I am sorry to say but Ignatieff has NO POLICIES.

What income trust policy? I know of no liberal policy on income trusts.

Meanwhile Ignatieff is the champion of every trivial cause known to man.

In my eyes, he is becoming a complete political opportunistic, just not a very good political opportunist.

His feigned concern for Canadians is just that.....feigned.

Take a look at HST for example. What gives with that? One minute he feigns sympathy for taxpayers on HST, the next minute he is voting for HST. I don't get it.

I am tired of being toyed with by politicians of whatever stripe.

They take us (1) for granted, and (2) for fools, as they seek to exploit every political advantage they can grasp a hold of, only to end up making themselves into total hypocrites and selling us down the river.

Dr Mike said...

Not to mention the fact that we are not even sure what if any effect humans have on climate change--on our environment for sure but not necessarily the climate itself.

There is one solid we know for certain & that is that trust investors were thrown the cement life preserver when Harper made his promise to protect us from the hordes of Liberal infidels who were merely musing about taxing trusts.

Harper shafted us as sure as Iggy has bushy brows.

That is a fact--he lied to us --killed our investment savings--killed our future incomes & killed our future standard of living--not to forget the loss of tax revenues to the gov`t.

What was done to us was quantifiable & it was done to Canadians.

So why did that happen.

Because the people in power let it happen without questioning the censoring of the paperwork--without checking the figures---blind faithing it all the way down the drain--that means you Dippers , media & at first even the Liberals.

The Liberals finally offered to help but without any electable policies that is a lost cause.

good luck to us.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Tell ya what Liberals. You find ten people who know who Soudas is outside of Ottawa and I'll pay for the airfare myself. To spend time thinking Canadians are overly concerned about the actions of someone in the PMO while at Copenhagen is a bit silly. Take the time to put forward your own climate change strategy instead.