Monday, April 18, 2011

CAITI called out Harper on the matter of "democracy" long before many others did:

CAITI advertisement from February 2007 published in the Hill Times entitled "Stephen Harper's insidious attack on Democracy". Click on above image to enlarge.


Dr Mike said...

The problem with Canada is that we are trying to function with a compromised media that tends to follow along the mind sets of the ownership.

No longer do we have independent reporters with minds of their own that look for the facts , just the facts.

Since vote is media driven as media tends to be the sole source of the research for those who do vote , then we get what we see on tv or in the news.

Nobody wanted to take a deeper look at the trust tax scam & now we have what we have.

Sun News Network begins today at 4.

Have a great day everyone.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Flaherty, has served his coporate masters well. He destroyed the income trust sector at their insistence. Income Trusts, were a business model they despised because it distributed wealth in an honest and equitable fashion to shareholders and was becoming a very successful competitor to corporations for investment capital. Now Flaherty, wants to lower the corporate income tax rate to 15% which simultaneously reduces the benefit of the dividend tax credit to individual shareholders i.e, you'll pay more income taxes. Will the Corporate Elite raise dividends to compensate the shareholders? Not bloody likely, but the extra cash will allow them to increase their outrageous salaries and bloated bonuses. Good work Jimmy boy, your corporate masters, aka robber barons, salute you!

Anonymous said...

Harper is not really the problem. The real problem is the Conservative Party -- it is willing to abuse democracy to get and keep power.

I thought that dumbsh*t stuff only happened in Bollshevik countries...

Ah... I stand correct. That dumbsh*t stuff only happens in Bollshevik countries.