Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The real story why Canadians can't see the AG's report

From: Michael Ignatieff

Brent --

Last week, through an petition, you asked me to call on the Auditor General to release her report on the Conservatives’ potentially illegal handling of funds for the G8/G20 summit.

You are absolutely right to want to see this report. Which is why we have put our support behind Sheila Fraser to make it available if Stephen Harper won’t, and, earlier today, called on the Director of Public Prosecutions to investigate the matter immediately.

But the truth is the real battle to get this report released took place in March.

On Thursday, March 24, less than 48 hours before the election began, Liberals from the Standing Committee on Public Accounts brought forward a motion to permit the Auditor General to release her report whether Parliament was sitting or not.

After months of growing evidence that the Conservatives may have funneled millions of dollars into a Conservative Minister’s riding under the guise of summit spending, it was clear to the Liberal Party that the Auditor General’s report would be of significant public interest.

However, moments before this motion was to pass, the NDP rose to block it, saying they needed 48 hours to review the motion.

Don’t take my word for it — follow the links below to read the relevant section of the committee transcript, and media reports outlining what happened.

Had that motion passed, Sheila Fraser would have had the consent of Parliament to release the report, and Canadians would be heading to the polls with all the facts.

On May 2nd, Canadians will have the opportunity to choose their next government, and the choices have become clear.

On one hand, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are putting families last in line, spending billions on jets, jails and tax breaks for big banks and oil companies, and getting set to slash universal health care to pay for the $11 billion hole in their platform.

On the other hand, the Liberal Party of Canada is the only national party that can replace Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and form a progressive government that puts families first with our “Family Pack” of policies, and unswerving commitment to public health care.

Please take a moment to read the source materials below. With so much at stake, it’s time to choose a Liberal alternative that will protect health care and bring accountable government back to Canada.

Thank you.

Michael Ignatieff


40th PARLIAMENT, 3rd SESSION Standing Committee on Public Accounts EVIDENCE – CONTENTS – Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Dr Mike said...

Why in the world would the NDP need time to study this motion??

They knew that the gov`t was about to fall & the only way to see this report before the election was by passing the motion.

I smell a rat & for once it isn`t Harper.

Dr Mike Popovich