Thursday, April 28, 2011

Readers tear a strip off of the Globe's endorsement of Harper

Remember the Globe and Mail was the paper that promulgated Harper's patent falsehoods about tax leakage from income trusts on behalf of its commercial owners of the day: BCE, Ontario Teachers' Pension Fund, Torstar Inc., and the Thomson family (through Woodbridge).

Below are the top rated of over 4,000 comments on the Globe and Mail's endorsement of Stephen Harper and his CONservative Party in the May 2nd election:

Gary Wilson

So with your endorsement you are saying that you're okay with this dysfunctional approach to politics. Personal smear attacks? The Globe is okay with that. Lying to Parliament? No problem. Lying to Canadians? The Globe finds that just fine. Obstructing justice? Bulling government workers? The Globe sees no serious issue there. Weaer a Harper t-shirt to a Prime Minister's event and you can stay. Wear an opposition t-shirt and be physically removed. Or simply have an opposition photo on your Facebook and get kicked out. Or a bumpersticker. It's all fun, the Glove says. Unimaginable and unaccoutned for billions on jets with no engines? The Globe's okay with that. Billions more on prisons with no convicts. Keep spending, says the Globe. Get in trouble, shutdown Parliament, the Glove thinks that's a good idea.

The Globe's message to Harper? We're okay with yuor approach to politics.

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The Globe has endorsed contempt over democracy, secretiveness over openeness, and unforgivingly couched it in the canard of economic stewardship. Not only is this lazy journalism, it is in itself contemptuous of Canadian voters. Goodbye Globe.

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This article is ridiculous. Where have you been living?

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G. Patrick

Does the Globe remember when they went to the remarkable steps of posting an editorial on their front page in late December of 2009 against Stephen Harper? It was on your front page for cripes sake. Yet, you endorse this same man?

Incredibly disappointing to see this decision.

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And people complain about the mainstream media having a liberal bias?

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KT Ocean

Okay, but when the convictions for electoral fraud stick and when the G8 report shows the abuse of public funds and the misinformation, the Globe and Mail will wear it too. And now we know that the GLobe and Mail doesn't even require the political party they endorse to take questions from the media or from Canadians. I guess you guys are just happy to make up the news. Peas in a pod, you and Harper. Difficult to respect either.

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Opinions are nice, facts are better. Here are the facts. Canada was in deficit prior to the recession and this was due to the second cut to the GST. This was Harpers fault, and yes the recession added to Harper's deficit. The two primary reasons that Canada has faired so well through the recession is because of strong banking regulations and strong commodity pricing, both of which have nothing to do with Harper. The Conservatives killed the western based trust model while keeping the eastern based trust model? Harper brought in stimulus spending after the IMF, World Bank, and parliment insisted on it. This was certainly not his idea. Ask Keen or Colvin how he treats public employees. Ask Canada's nobel winning scientist how he treats them. Oh right, they cannot talk publiclly without approval from Harper. "Shut up or I pull your finding". Ask Hilary Clinton, UAE, or voting members in the UN about Harpers foreign policy (mythology) or his commitment to human rights and aboriginal peoples. I am sure Jim Prentice enjoys his enormous effort being tossed to the curb at Harpers whim. Yes some things are expensive, but some things are worth it. 2% higher GST is a small price to pay for a Canada we can love opposed to a divisive Haper Government. Just sayin.

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good grief10

I loathe harper

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Sad. I suppose the Globe has abandoned any pretence to centrism with their third endorsement of a radical extremist.

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The opening paragraph sets the tone. It begs for no endorsement, and that should've been the line to follow. Your editorial might be right when it highlights pragmatism as one of the traits of Harper and his conservatives. However, everything beyond that is just fabrication. The G&M knows better than I do that the current financial stability cannot be credited to Harperism, unless The G&M wants to twist the fact, which is something conservatives are adept at (even Ford our mayor can tell you about its benefits) but not a paper like yours. Yet, you just did it.
In all honesty, I was expecting a no endorsement position. Your editorial is disappointing because it betrays a lack of touch with the reality out here.

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Endorsing Harper????? He is mean, vindictive, slanderous, and his record speaks for itself (and rather poorly at that). He is a scourge on our society and needs to be voted out!

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So the Globe is endorsing Harper on the grounds that the Liberals did not sufficiently inform people of the economic meltdown, the record deficits, the rampant spending increases coupled with unnecessary tax cuts, the in-and-out scheme, the G20 slush fund, the Maxime Bernier and Bev Oda affairs, the use of federal funds for partisan political advertising, and the finding of contempt of Parliament? Pardon my asking, but is it not the responsibility of _the press_ to report on these things?

Like most voters I'm tired of attack ads, yet this article seems to fault the Liberals for not engaging in more of them. It reads more like parody than an actual endorsement. I'm disappointed on two fronts: first, that the Globe would endorse the party responsible for the most dysfunctional aspects of our current government, and second, that the paper would implicitly endorse the sort of muck-raking, negative campaigns that the Conservatives have made their calling card. I would have thought that we, as a nation, deserve better.

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Dr Mike said...

"We are nearing the end of an unremarkable and disappointing election campaign" --the Globe editorial staff

Uh , where have these Globe clowns been , under a rock.

If that old hippie & remarkable socialist Jack grabs Steve`s lunch , they will be eating humble pie for a year.

The only unremarkable thing in this campaign has been Stevie-boy himself---Mr Bubble , Mr "coalition will eat your children" , Mr "I did not authorize the fake picture of Iggy going to Iraq".

What a load of CRAP designed to kiss the ass of anyone who will bend over in the PMO.

Get a life you Globe dimwits & have a nice day.

Dr Mike

Brent Fullard said...

The whole idea of newspapers endorsing candidates is absurd and only serves to diminish the credibility of said newspapers. Such an endorsement is simply a formal statement of that paper's inherent bias. How does that make for objective news reporting of their favoured candidate in the days leading up to the election and the days that follow and that of their favoured candidate's opponents?

Answer: It doesn't.

Total dark ages nonsense. just like the Globe and Mail itself.

I don't think Canadians really care how the Globe's billionaire owner David Thomson thinks they should cast their votes.

If anything, the recommendations of billionaires like the Thomsons should be used as a reverse indicator of what's good for Canadians and good for Canada, (billionaires excluded). LOL!

Brent Fullard said...
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Brent Fullard said...

Over 4000 comments, mostly against the Globe and Harper. The usual Con supporters seem to have gone into the woodwork. When their threats and one liner personal attacks fail they have nothing left to say.


Brent Fullard said...
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Brent Fullard said...

If the comments to this Globe editorial are any indication, then I think finally Harper is going to get his butt kicked.


Bruce Benson said...

Wow and I thought I was only one of the few that thought Harper was low life pond scum! The Globes detractors really know how to tell it like it is. Remember a CON’s mind is a closed steel trap and nothing is going to change their minds. All they have to live for is hatred of Liberals.