Friday, April 29, 2011

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Dear Bruce Benson,

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The Liberal Party of Canada


Dear Madams/Sirs:

As I watch you flounder in the polls it’s obvious that your Liberal Family pack is not resonating with the voters. Most people seem to think that you are wasting our tax dollars on new programs which we cannot afford. I fall into this category. Your priorities must be to eliminate the deficit and get our fiscal house in order, not initiate more government give a way’s. Lastly I am saddened that you have thrown Income Trust Investors under the bus. You have deserted over 2 million potential voters who were screwed by Harper. You have refused to tell the truth and make public the Tax Leakage lies that the CON’s have perpetrated on Canadians. As a Liberal, I have been greatly disappointed by your initiatives and I have refused your requests for more money. By deserting Canadian Investors and Seniors many of whom are retired, you do not deserve my financial support or our votes but you deserve your current position in the polls.

Bruce Benson


Dr Mike said...

"We will be in touch shortly"

Yeah right

They will be lucky if there is anyone left standing in the Liberal party after Monday the way this campaign has gone so far.

Help us all.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Family Pack, once I heard the name was The Family Pack it just rhythmed with Jack !!!

It was cooked from the start,
Deficit and a road towards pensions and income trusts was the starting point.


Annie said...

WE Liberals come from the stock of Laurier, and don't forget, we will be standing tall again!

Anonymous said...

The problem with the family pack with me is I don't have kids. Instead I saw my tax dollars being given away freely. Very inspiring.

I also saw the liberals go left. Historically that means they take the left vote and then govern on the right. I think many decided to go for the politician who will not take their vote for granted when looking leftward. I am saddened by the collapse but maybe now they can take out the trash, you know those anonymous party officials, the blue liberals and the anti-choice crowd. Enough with the infighting and the fake liberals.

Brent Fullard said...

Re: "Don't forget, we will be standing tall again."

How exactly does one forget the future, (assuming that day ever comes)?

Also sounds like you've thrown in the towel and no hope for the present?

Brent Fullard said...
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Anonymous said...

Right on Bruce.

Nary a word about the $1.5 billion G20 waste nor the storm troopers hammering innocent people in Toronto .

Billions lost per year in the income trust debacle. Gone. No word from the Liberals. And the list goes on, and on.