Friday, April 22, 2011

Lie. Conceal. Fabricate: Flaherty misleading the public

CLC President Ken Georgetti responds to Finance Minister's Claim
Posted: Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Canadian Labour Congress President Ken Georgetti has sent the following letter to Finance Minister James Flaherty calling on him to retract statements he is making that the CLC gives unqualified support for his 2011 budget.

March 23, 2011

Honourable James Flaherty
Minister of Finance
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Dear Minister:

I am deeply troubled to hear you are misleading the public that the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) gives unqualified endorsement of your government’s budget, released yesterday.

With unemployment and underemployment still at high levels, you could have led the way to a sustained and broadly shared economic recovery. Instead you introduced only modest new job creation and social spending measures. With many of the jobs created in the short recovery from the recession being just part-time and temporary, and the unemployment rate still well above the rates prior to the recession. After you tabled your budget, had you been willing to open dialogue with the opposition parties, you could very well have settled it. It was our expectation that the government would want to negotiate, as you have in the past.

Minister, one can support parts of your budget without giving it full endorsement. While we have supported certain measures in the budget, we in no way have given unqualified support for the budget as a whole. We are looking for a real timetable for improving Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits, not vague promises to expand the CPP at some later date. We have certainly opposed your government's planned corporate tax cuts and expressed our concern over where $4 billion a year of planned spending cuts will come from.

To suggest, as you have been stating in the media that the CLC fully endorses your budget is misleading and we respectfully request you cease making these statements. I attach our detailed analysis of your government's 2011 budget for your further information regarding our concerns in this regard.


Kenneth V. Georgetti


Dr Mike said...

Incredible , as the Cons were still using this lie as of yesterday.

Maybe it makes them feel better to lie to the public.

The worst thing is that just maybe the public believes them

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

CBC failure to raise this issue during the Mansbridge bridge to nowhere interview of Harper nose.
When Harper said the CLC supported the budget.

CBC research at its best, thats why they failed on the reporting of the Income trust fiasco.


Dr Mike said...


Another thing that amazes me is that the Liberals & NDP don`t seem to have a handle on this lie either.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Hey! where are the overnight polls? Has sum-ding come undone in the PMO's back-office.

This is the weirdest election ever ...anywhere. Watching the CBC news the few days, it's like the PMO is the news controller: stories about the Iggy campaign are short and last to appear or there's nothing.

You haven't noticed. Maybe I'm the only guy who watches CBC anymore, now that all the other guys watch the SOME News tube-boobs, eh?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Georgetti should be sending out a statement to all union presidents to relay the message when ever they speak