Friday, April 22, 2011

Conservatives run bubble campaign

In Whitby-Oshawa the fixture debate is the Virtual Town Hall broadcast on CTV. When I ran against Flaherty in 2008, he refused to participate in that event. So what did CTV do? They cancelled the event and tried to BS me by saying that a number of the candidates had declined. I was on good terms with all the other candidates and asked them whether that was true or not. Learning that it was pure BS I then went back to the CTV producer and had her repeat her lie to me again and called her out saying that all the other candidates were willing and eager to participate and asked her (1) why she is running cover for Flaherty and (2) why is she canceling the fixture debate and depriving voters of hearing from their candidates simply because Flaherty is too chicken?

Conservatives run bubble campaign


Across this country, Conservative candidates are emulating Stephen Harper’s tightly scripted bubble campaign by deliberately skipping all-candidates debates in their ridings.


Could it be that when Conservatives don’t duck debates, they put their foot in their mouths – or commit gaffes to embarrass their party?

Diane Finley says pets are more vulnerable than children


Cheryl Gallant storms out of local debate


This comes after star Conservative candidate Chris Alexander confirmed that Conservatives are “for businesses first, for families and pensioners second” and after Conservative candidate Brad Trost spoke with pride of his role in defunding Planned Parenthood at an all-candidates debate yesterday.

It doesn’t help Stephen Harper when his candidates tell their constituents what they really think.

Perhaps that’s why the list of Conservative candidates shirking open democracy during this campaign is growing daily. Here’s a list of Conservatives who are either refusing media interviews, and/or refusing to attend all-candidate debates or have indicated they won’t:

1. Stephen Woodworth – Kitchener Centre
2. Corneliu Chisu – Pickering-Scarborough East
3. Bob Saroya – Markham-Unionville
4. Bev Oda – Durham
5. Jennifer Clarke – Vancouver Centre
6. Peter Kent – Thornhill
7. Cheryl Gallant – Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke
8. Rob Anders – Calgary West
9. John Koury – Nanaimo-Cowichan
10. Sylvie Boucher – Beauport-Limoilou
11. Daniel Petit – Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles
12. Robert Goguen – Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe
13. Jilian Saweczko – York South-Weston
14. Marty Burke – Guelph
15. Dave Van Kesteren – Chatham-Kent-Essex
16. Costas Menegakis – Richmond Hill
17. Joyce Bateman – Winnipeg South Centre
18. David Wilks – Kootenay-Columbia
19. Pierre Lemieux – Glengarry-Prescott-Russell
20. Fred Slade – Sudbury
21. Lynne Reynolds – Nickel Belt
22. Elie Salibi – Ottawa South
23. Gordon O’Connor – Carleton Mississippi Mills
24. Kevin Moore – Toronto Centre
25. Michelle Rempel – Calgary Centre-North
26. Shelly Glover – St. Boniface
27. Julian Fantino – Vaughan
28. Deepak Obhrai – Calgary East
29. Diane Ablonczy – Calgary-Nose Hill
30. Ed Holder – London West
31. Royal Galipeau – Ottawa-Orleans
32. Damian Konstantinakos – Ottawa Centre
33. Devinder Shory – Calgary Northeast
34. Larry Miller – Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound
35. Patrick Brown – Barrie
36. Phil McColeman – Brant
37. Mark Strahl – Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon
38. Wally Daudrich – Churchill
39. Nancy Brassard-Fortin – Hull-Alymer
40. Peter Braid – Kitchener-Waterloo
41. John Duncan – North Vancouver
42. Pierre Lacroix РTrois Rivières
43. Leanna Villella – Welland
44. Lavar Payne – Medicine Hat
45. Kelly Block – Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar
46. Chuck Konkel – Scarborough-Guildwood
47. Gerald Keddy – South Shore-St. Margaret’s
48. Pierre Poilievre – Nepean-Carleton
49. Theresa Rodrigues – Davenport
50. Donna Cadman – Surrey

The Liberal Party is running a campaign of openness and accountability. For details on how these Conservative candidates are ducking their democratic responsibilities, please contact: Liberal Party of Canada, 613-783-8888.

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Dr Mike said...

It`s hard to fight a ghost & these Cons are like a puff of vapour in a Hurricane.

They have created an illusion that they hold up to the people & as long as the people are dull enough to buy into what they are selling , then the people will deserve the gov`t that they get.

Say aren`t these the same Conservatives that were held in contempt of Parliament??

Go figure.

Dr Mike Popovich