Monday, April 11, 2011

Lie. Conceal. Fabricate.

Tories misinformed Parliament on G8 fund: Auditor General

Mon Apr. 11 2011
The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — The auditor general says the Harper government misinformed Parliament to win approval for a $50-million G8 fund that lavished money on dubious projects in a Conservative riding.

And she suggests the process may have been illegal.

The findings are contained in a confidential report Sheila Fraser was to have tabled in Parliament on April 5.

The report was put on ice when the Harper government was defeated and is not due to be released until after the May 2 election.

However, a Jan. 13 draft of the chapter on the G8 legacy infrastructure fund was seen by The Canadian Press.

It reveals that Industry Minister Tony Clement, the mayor of Huntsville, and the general manager of Deerhurst Resort chose the 32 projects that received funding -- with no regard for the needs of the summit or the conditions laid down by the government.

The report analyzed the $1-billion cost of staging last June's G8 summit in Ontario cottage country and a subsequent gathering of G20 leaders in downtown Toronto.


A Eliz. said...

Sheila Fraser's entire report should be released,now, being it was our tax dollars that paid for both.

Dr Mike said...

Just watched front-man Barky Baird explaining away the report.

After listening to his press conference , I was not sure what he had seen & what he hadn`t.

He kept saying that the supposed meeting between Clement , the mayor & the cheese of the Dearhearst had nothing to do with the final decision on what was funded & that he made the final decision.

Of course ,they merely suggested & he rubber stamped.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

I don't like the career chances of the leaker, if Harper gets to lead another government. The leaker will be more radioactive than the protective clothing of a temp worker at a nuclear plant in a tsunami zone.

Anonymous said...

John Baird , they put this puppet
in front of the camera, to take the hits.

I have a new fraud order
Harper, Flaherty, Carney and now Baird.

Throw the bums out !!