Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Has no trust of PM Harper

There are many examples of where trust in our politicians has been questioned. Promises are made and broken within a short time before and after elections are held.

Our most significant and personal example is the complete reversal on the taxation of income trusts which had provided a good retirement income source for our investments.

Stephen Harper had prior to his first election stated that he would not tax income trusts if he were elected, yet within a short time after he was elected and without consultation with the public or businesses completely reversed his promise. This was after the liberal government had canceled their planned taxation of the income trusts because of protests by the opposition Harper Conservatives.

We had worked hard and saved for our retirement only to have a significant portion of it erased overnight. We were not the only ones affected by this decision, as much protest arose across the country from all stakeholders. There was also much talk and investigation of insider trading before the announcement was made.

The long-term effects of this deceit is a reduction in our pension income compounded for the rest of our lives. This is just one of many reasons we will not vote for a party with a leader like Stephen Harper who cannot be trusted and is without question a control freak. It's his way or the highway.

Appearances are deceiving. If you vote for his party don't be surprised by future decisions he makes. I hope those who are in our situation remember the cost and vote for a better alternative!

Ralph Johnston,
Bass River


Dr Mike said...

What I find incredible is the number of those who had their chops busted by Harper`s broken trust promise , that are voting for him this time out.

How quickly they forget the devastation , lost sleep & angst he caused just to help his buddies in the CCCE.


Dr MikePopovich

Anonymous said...

From the NY Times
Published: April 19, 2011

Leader of Big Mortgage Lender Guilty of $2.9 Billion Fraud

The founder of what was once one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders was convicted of fraud on Tuesday for masterminding a scheme that cheated investors and the government out of billions of dollars — one of the few successful prosecutions to come out of the financial crisis.

After more than a day of deliberations, a federal jury in Virginia found Lee B. Farkas, the chairman of Taylor, Bean & Whitaker, guilty on 14 counts of securities, bank and wire fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud. Mr. Farkas faces decades in prison for his role in the $2.9 billion plot that, prosecutors say, was one of the largest and longest bank fraud schemes in American history and that led to the 2009 collapse of Colonial Bank.


Ha! 2.9 billion is nuttin in Canada. In Canada, you gotta de-fraud over $35 billion before you're just another Con.

Anonymous said...

Je me souviens!

And I certainly will on election day.

Voting Green or officially spoiling ballots to let the usual suspects know they all stink.

Anonymous said...

At least the Americans get to vote for their leaders - our system stinks.

We peons only get to vote for the best candidate in our riding, even if that means re-electing a Con.

The CCCE runs this country no matter who gets elected. You are right Dr. Mike, that isn't just sad, it's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

CCCE are so Manley,
It will be the Ottawa marathon soon
we will soon get to see that disfigured picture of Manley running the Marathon