Friday, April 29, 2011

Layton's previous run-in with Toronto's vice squad

In the course of the volunteer advocacy work that I did over the past five years for the 2 million income trust investors who were fraudulently deprived of $35 billion of their retirement savings by the deceitful Stephen Harper and his lies about income trusts causing tax leakage, it was always perplexing to understand why the NDP were so easily duped to support a policy that was antithetical to everything they ostensibly stood for.

Without the support of the NDP, Stephen Harper would never have pulled his fraudulent income trust policy off. Another factoid is that Jack Layton met with Stephen Harper on noon on that day of infamy on October 31, 2006, hours before Jim Flaherty surprised the whole world with his Halloween announcement that income trusts would be double taxed with an additional tax of 31.5%, on top of the taxes that Canadians were already paying on income trust distributions. Clearly income trusts were the main topic of that fateful noon meeting between Harper and Layton.

Many people. myself included, often wondered about what transpired in that meeting. What did Harper do to convince Layton to support Harper's egregious income trust tax? Did Harper use the carrot or did he use the stick? If Harper used the carrot, what exactly was it, since no such "carrot" emerged in the way of policy in the ensuing months or years? Many surmised that Harper used the stick approach and threatened to embarrass Layton with some dark secret of the past.

One such individual who I spoke with maintained that he knew what that "stick" may have been as he maintained that Layton had been caught in a compromising situation with an Asian woman by a Toronto police officer when Layton was a Toronto city councilor. This individual's story sounded completely plausible and full of details, but had never seen the light of day and without any form of verification was only that, a story.

Well imagine how surprised I was to read the revelation contained below in the article entitled "Layton found in bawdy house: Former Cop".

Now we just need to find out what actually happened in that noon meeting of October 31, 2006 between Harper and Layton, such that Layton sold 2 million Canadians down the river with his trust tax support that caused them to lose $35 billion of their life savings and saw Canadian taxpayers-at-large lose over $1 billion in taxes a year from the resulting 45 takeovers of devalued income trusts by entities like Abu Dhabi Energy or Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka Shing who pay ZERO taxes in Canada?

Evidently Jack Layton isn't just dumb, he's dumb AND compromised:

Layton found in bawdy house: Former Cop

By SAM PAZZANO ,Toronto Sun

First posted: Friday, April 29, 2011 9:18:44 EDT PM

TORONTO - Jack Layton was found laying naked on a bed by Toronto Police at a suspected Chinatown bawdy house in 1996, a retired Toronto police officer told the Toronto Sun.

The stunning revelation about the current leader of the New Democratic Party comes days before the federal election at a time when his popularity is soaring.

When the policeman and his partner walked into a second-floor room at the Toronto massage parlour, they saw an attractive 5-foot-10 Asian woman who was in her mid-20s and the married, then-Metro councillor, lying on his back in bed.

Layton was cautioned by police and released without being charged.

Olivia Chow, Layton's wife, denied her husband had done anything wrong in an e-mail statement late Friday night.

"Sixteen years ago, my husband went for a massage at a massage clinic that is registered with the City of Toronto," Chow wrote. "He exercises regularly; he was and remains in great shape; and he needed a massage.

"I knew about this appointment, as I always do."

In a letter from his lawyer, Layton recalls "being advised by police at the time that he did nothing wrong."

What police say happened on Jan. 9, 1996, was recorded in the former cop's notebook, which was reviewed and photocopied by the Toronto Sun.

The former Asian crime unit officer, who requested anonymity, details a prior police raid on the "premise currently ID as a bawdy house" looking for underage Asian hookers and a subsequent follow-up visit to the two-storey brick storefront on Jan. 9.

At first the policemen didn't realize they were interviewing one of the best-known Toronto politicians who was married to Chow, also a Metro councillor and now the incumbent NDP MP for Trinity-Spadina.

The officer's notebook indicates he asked the suspected john: "Did you receive any sexual services?"

He replied: "No sir, I was just getting a shiatsu."

The cop: "Why did you have all your clothes off?"

The suspected john: No answer.

The cop: "Are you aware that there were sex acts being done here?"

The suspected john: "No sir."

The woman, who was from mainland China, denied masturbating the suspected john but when the question was repeated became nervous and replied, "I don't know I only come to work today," the cop's notes show.

His notes also claim he saw the "female dump wet Kleenex into garbage."

In the interview with the Sun, the officer said: "I asked him for his wallet and I looked at his name and I looked at the last name and it looked familiar.

He's registered as 'John' and I thought he's a 'john.'"

Layton's Christian name is John.

"I explained to him this was a bawdy house and then I asked him the silliest question, 'Are you any relation to the councillor, Jack Layton?' and ... he had that defeated look on his face and he said, 'We are one in the same,'"
the ex-cop said.

The former officer said Layton, seemed quiet and mellow and denied that he knew it was a suspected bawdy house.

The police had to decide what to do with the controversial councillor.

"To have arrested him and charged him would have served our egos a lot more. Layton was a thorn in the side of the police, siding with the anti-poverty movement in '96 or '97 ... Jack was anti-police," the ex-cop said.

"We looked at it and thought do we take advantage of this, or do we look at this like (he's) any other person, put it away and we hope this thing dies a slow death."

In the end, they came to the conclusion they shouldn't charge him.

"If we had barged in and he was engaged in a sex act and we had plainly saw it, then it would have been a different story."

The officers said police filled out a suspect investigation card that recorded his name, address, date of birth -- July 18, 1950 -- height and weight.

That information would be filed away by a civilian administrator for crime analysts to use in tracking criminals with particular attributes.

The former cop is surprised it took so long for the incident to become public.

"This stuff was never leaked out back then. The professionalism was outstanding. I thought this would have come out. This thing within the circle was so well known."

The policemen warned the councillor about the dangers of hanging out in suspected bawdy houses that could be run by Asian triads.

"I remembered lecturing him on a lot of these triads, they'd videotape the customers and extort them afterwards. Jack went pale. I said to him you have to understand it's quite possible," he says.

"He came on a bicycle. I escorted him down and he went away on his bike."


Michael said...

A shiatsu huh? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Anonymous said...

JackOffJack was blackmailed by Stephen Harper? Only a dedicated Leftie moron could come to such a conclusion.

Anonymous said...

I can believe this as Harper has a big stick wee baby carrots.

So why didn't IGGY RISE UP RISE UP in parliament on the Income Trust Fraud.

What does Harper have on IGGY?

My guess is Harper used his elite corporate big shots, CEO's, to pressure IGGY to shut up about the IT subject.


Clown Party said...

It could all be settled if the "regestered massage therapist" came forward and said it was a legatimate massage. I am sure a "professional" would have his name on record, address, time, date, area of treatment, number of visits etc.... and a business licance in building regestered in city hall.

There; now it is up to Jack to get that information public as soon as possable. If he can not, then let the press have its way. He might become "religious" right now, "praying" that she come forward and tell what happened. I am quite sure the police have her name on record in the same police report.

These are the questions that must be answered - yet the MSM will not ask one of these questions - except perhaps Sun TV.

Anonymous said...

Bob Rae was in our town a few weeks ago. My wife is helping with our local liberal guys campaign. The guy she,s helping on the campaign said he didn,t have a clue about the income trust fraud.

She got to talk to Rae. He was all smiles and charm until she asked him about why they,re not using the income trust fraud as an election issue.

He never said a word. Then she asked him if his brother, John, who is Vice-President of Power Corporation and a prominent member of the Liberal Party was a reason for this. He completely ignored her and turned away. Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this article is an idiot. An action like this would have hurt Harper as much as Layton.
I think a more plausible explanation is that, as the NDP surge started to materialize at the 11th hour of the election, some back room conservative hack started looking around for someway to counter it.
Julian Fantino (former Toronto police chief) and current conservative MP allegedly stepped up. Julian allegedly looked in his little black book and realized that he had some dirt on Layton. It was allegedly Fantino that initally leaked the story to the press. But, try proving it! At the end of the day I don't think the story had any negative effect on the election. If anything it helped Layton. People saw it for what it was. A cynical attempt to smear a politician during the final days of the election.