Thursday, July 3, 2008

Harper's chump change lawsuit....and mindset

Dr. Mike asked:
"Have I missed something here----maybe I am just dumb as dirt?

Why did the Liberals not sue these jerks when they used Dion`s image making him look like a clown in any number of their attack adds?"

Dr. Mike, actually you aren't as dumb as dirt, however the Harper CONs do consider Canadians to be as dumb as dirt...that's the only way these CONs are able to outwit Canadians.

Part of the CONs "dumb as dirt" philosophy is they constantly apply double standards. Misappropriation of Dion’s personality is okay, whereas misappropriation of Harper's is not.

The CONs can put words and meaning into Dion's mouth that he never said or intended, whereas the Liberals are only repeating the very words that Harper himself stated. The fact that Harper's words are self-incriminating of election bribery is simply something for Harper to answer, and certainly not the Liberals.

Another favorite double standard of the Harper CONs is the one they engineered between the 25% of Canadians with Pensions (CWP) versus the 75% of Canadians without Pensions (CWOP).

Courtesy of the Harper CONs and Flaherty's so called "Tax Fairness Plan", CWP's get to split their income in retirement, CWOPs can not. CWP get to own income trusts in their pensions without paying an additional 31.5% double tax, CWOPs can not.

Would it surprise you to know that the persons who put this brilliant Tax Inequity Plan together are all CWPs? That's right, self serving bureaucrats and elected members of the CON party.....all aided and abetted by Jack Layton's "mini-me" NDP.

It's a real shame we can't sue these clowns for fraud, as their fraudulent tax leakage numbers have caused a mere $35 billion in lost retirement savings, making Harper's $2.5 million law suit against the Liberals chump change......just like the man himself.

Brent Fullard


Anna Elizabeth said...

I would guess the Liberals do not have enough money to sue, but that vindictive, egotistical Harper relies on a doctored tape that the liberals never used, on their web site.

byebyecons said...

Time for an extraction Dr. Mike .. yank Harper out of Ottawa.

What a vindictive man he is!

And while you're at it, pull the little one too.

Anonymous said...

Anna Elizabeth:

What "doctored tape" are you referring to? I know of no doctored tape, just the one where Harper said:

"The offer to Chuck was that it was only to replace financial considerations he might lose due to an election,"

The tape suggests Harper was not only aware of a financial offer to Cadman, but that he gave it the go-ahead, while urging party emissaries not to "press" Cadman too hard.

Harper's conversation with B.C. journalist Tom Zytaruk took place outside the Cadman residence just after Harper paid a courtesy visit to the former MP's widow shortly after his death.

And Harper says of the people who made the offer: "They were legitimately representing the party."

Here's how Harper summarizes his instructions to those party operatives: "I said, 'Don't press (Cadman), I mean, you have this theory that it's, you know, financial insecurity, and you know, just, you know, if that's what you're saying make that case,'but I said, 'Don't press it."'

The Liberals have already sent a letter to the RCMP asking for an investigation into whether the entire incident could violate the bribery provisions in Section 119 of the Criminal Code. The Mounties said Thursday they're examining the request.

Harper is clear on the tape that he never expected the overtures to succeed. Cadman did in fact vote to rescue the Martin government.

"I don't know the details. I can tell you that I had told the individuals, I mean, they wanted to do it. But I told them they were wasting their time. I said Chuck had made up his mind."

Red Tory said...

Reassuring isn't it to know that we're being governed by an emotional cripple with the maturity of a 12 yr. old.?

Anna Elizabeth said...

I am only going by what the cons. say that the tape had been doctored, as agreed by two experts,and the Liberals can't use it in Court, because it has be doctored, so they say

Scott Tribe said...

"In other, worse news for Moore, someone—Graham Richardson, to be precise—managed to read one of the affidavits, and confronts him with the observation that the expert doesn’t say the tape can’t be trusted at all."

That's a quote from Maclean's Kady O'Malley liveblog of the James Moore press conference where he tried to claim the tapes were doctored.

I'd suggest reading some independent news accounts of this story, Anna, and not just the one at

Anonymous said...

Anna Elizabeth:

far be it for me to call you "gullible", but the operative words in your comment are "or so [the CONs] say."

"Doctoring" a tape is a very serious charge. If the tape were "doctored" why do you suppose the CONs didn't sue the owner of the "doctored" tape? Why aren't they suing the Liverals for "doctoring"

What evidence do we even have that the tape was "doctored" apart from two paid "experts" whi didn't even work from an original tape. How credible is that?

Meawnhile "doctoring" is a very broad charge. Doctored how? In a way that would convey a different interpretation of the bribery activities that Harper is admitting to?

Sorry, Anna Elizabeth, the CONs claim of "doctoring" is simply the latest attempt by the CONs to throw people off the trail of their illegal activities. Their first lam attempt to difuse this highly volatile situation was to say: "Life insurance policy? Impossible, how can you get a life insurance policy on a terminally ill person>"

That argument had the shelf life of the dead fish that it was.....a life insurnace policy can be easily had for a terminally ill person like Chuch Cadman. such a $1 million policy would probably have a policy premium of about $1.05 million to $1.1 million. What's so impossible about that?

And as for doctored, I ain't buying it. I am happy to accept Harper's self incriminating account of what transpired......on tape no less!

Transcanada said...

Will the judge rely on two CONservative experts regarding the tape?

Doubt it. James Moore's explanations and contradictions will be laughed out of court.

When this goes to court Harper's 'best defense is a good offense' strategy is done.

Perhaps by then we Canadians will also be done with Harper and the lying CONservatives