Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jim Flaherty: The new Mr. Dithers

Mr. Dithers?

Back on Halloween 2006, Jim Flaherty claimed that his decision came after “months of study” we’re into years of dither.

Perhaps Jim Flaherty is fond of holding on to the "carrot and stick" known as the income trust transition rules. Can this guy dither any longer?

Les Parsneau wrote:

Flaherty has until Sunday to release the Income Trust Transition rules. Or did he lie again? It takes him almost 2 years to create the rules that effectively shut down a $200 billion industry. Makes one question how much thought, effort and research was put into the initial decision.

30 days and 30 nights

My math says 30 days from June 13 ends July 13....That would be one week from Monday as Stubby's deadline. Any bets on him making the date? He actually said within 30 days so that would be before Monday. Or, he could be conning us again. It must really annoy him to pass on the capital gains he is forcing. I suspect another slick trick based on more myths is coming our way.

Canada to Issue Income Trust Rules in 30 Days, Flaherty Says

By Theophilos Argitis

June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty plans to announce rules governing conversions of income trusts to corporations ``within 30 days,'' so investors and trusts won't be forced to pay taxes.

``It may go over into July, that's why I'm saying within 30 days,'' Flaherty, 58, said in an interview in Vancouver late yesterday.

Flaherty announced on Oct. 31, 2006, that he planned to tax income trusts for the first time in 2011 to limit tax losses and halt companies such as BCE Inc. from adopting the structure. Income trusts avoid most corporate taxes by paying out their cash flow to investors in monthly dividends.


Anonymous said...

I recall that he 'quite enjoys' people trying to predict what he will do.


Anonymous said...


....and when.


Anonymous said...

Could it be?

Flaherty had probably belatedly clued into the fact that income trusts that convert to corporations will end up paying less tax than as the income trust structure and that income trusts that don't convert have huge tax pools.

The guy is probably formulating a PR strategy to shove more lies down our throats.


Johnathon said...

I wonder when you’re going to make a blog post about wanting a public inquiry as to why Chretien and Martin knew about Khadr’s torture, yet did nothing.

This from the party of human rights.

When are you going to demand a public inquiry as to why Chretien and Martin allowed Omar Khadr to be tortured?

Transcanada said...

I recall that he 'quite enjoys' people trying to predict what he will do.

This isn't a quality of good government or a good Minister of Finance. Flaherty is a fool who has done more damage to Canadians than good.

Polyian said...

Thirty Days...I think Flaherty is talking in government days. Not days as we know them. The time involved in getting this done just shows that absolutely no planning was done before Harper had Flaherty betray us. This shows they knee jerk reacted to the BCE threat, as we all suspected. It shows that the 18 blacked out pages could not back up the tax policy that was based on mythical tax leakage and the NDP's ignorance of facts.

Dr Mike said...

This ought to be good--I personally cannot wait to see what he has to say.

The Cons have shot off both feet with the Tax fairness Plan & they know it---they shafted investors as well as denied the Canadian public huge amounts of tax revenue.

I think the Harper & Flaherty circus is just about to hit town with something to attempt to placate those offended.

I could be wrong , but I feel that they know a majority is out the window as long as they have a bunch of pissed-off old folks on their butts.

Here`s hoping!!

Dr Mike (call me naive) Popovich.

Anonymous said...


You want a blog article on Khadr's torture?

No mention of Chretien or Martin here.....just Harper? I believe Harper is Canada's current Prime Minister:

PM passes blame in Khadr case
By Terry Pedwell,

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper is playing fast with the facts when he says the Conservative government has "no real alternative" to the U.S. legal process in the Omar Khadr case, say the Canadian detainee's lawyers.

"This is a disingenuous comment from the prime minister," says Khadr's Canadian lawyer, Dennis Edney.

"The prime minister, through his cabinet members, particularly Mr. (Peter) MacKay, have long said that they have been assured that Omar Khadr was being well treated, when in fact the Canadian government well knew that was not the case," Edney said in a telephone interview from Edmonton.

The prime minister tried Thursday to distance his Conservative government from explosive new documents released by the Foreign Affairs Department.