Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jack Layton's on a roll!

Wow....is Jack ever on a roll.....ATM fees....Pay Day loans....Text messages.... Some of the most important issues of the day.

I can’t wait until Jack eliminates my gas heating bill.......maybe that will mean living on the street?

Subject: NDP says NO to text message cash-grab

Thank you for your previous email. I am writing you today to tell you
that we have launched an online petition calling on cell phone providers
to act in the interest of consumers and cancel the text message

We are appalled at the move by the cell phone companies, Bell Mobility
and TELUS Mobility, to charge 15 cents for all incoming text messages.
For more information on this issue, please see the following article:

If you are against this text-message cash-grab, I encourage you to sign
our petition at: http://www.ndp.ca/page/6577, join the Facebook group
at: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=42606695760, and tell your

I want you to know that you can count on the NDP to speak out for
fairness and fight for the issues that matter to you. All the best.


Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)
Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada


Anonymous said...

Hey Jack......expect more of the same post-BCE LBO......for which you and your party said and did squat.

The LBO of BCE will cost Canadian consumers plenty......to fund BCE's $44 billion of LBO deabt...and through lessened price competition.

Jack Layton is peripheral player and a marginal thinker. Leader of the NDuhP party

Anonymous said...

"speak out for fairness"?

This must be a joke, as the NDP have no interest in knowing the truth about tax leakage.

The only "truth" about tax leakage took the form of 18 pages of blacked out documents. Worked for Jack.

That would like being asked to pay a $35 billion cell phone bill with no back up justification or call record.

Sorry Jack. I ain't buying your Captain Crusader story. You are a blight on our democracy by helping Harper hide the truth about tax leakage to conceal your fiscal incompetence, since your party was the first to call for the double taxation of income trusts. without even understanding the most basic facts and without any regard for the litany of negative consequences.

In so doing, you have become irrelevant, but nonetheless most worthy of being removed from Parliament.

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Jack has picked out another very worthwhile issue ---so much for our lost 35 billion!!!


Dr Mike said...


First you tell us blah blah blah!!

Then you tell us blah blah blah!!

I even heard the other day that jack said blah blah blah.

Sure makes sense to me.

Dr MikePopovich.

Anonymous said...

Dr Mike:

Re: Blah, blah, blah

Jack better be careful.....they charge by the minute

The Right is Where it's At said...

What do you expect from a socialist? Is anyone really surprised here?

Anonymous said...

Re: "What do you expect from a socialist? Is anyone really surprised here?"

Actually this is the result of two economic anarchists.....Jim Prentice and Jim Flaherty.

name one other legacy phone company in the world that had been turned into a junk bond issuer via an LBO?

Junk bond issuer = high cost of capital = lessened competitiveness = fewer services = higher service costs = lagging national economy ever more dependent on speed and cost of communications = the CONs are idiots, more so that Wacko Jacko L'ATM fee.