Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My condolences to Garth Turner


Re: Your posting entitled Alberta & me

Journalists in this country are clearly agenda driven. Blatantly so. The embellishment of your printed words by the Calgary Herald, so as to change their meaning, is a shame and a professional disgrace.

I had a similar experience with Jackie McNish of the Globe and Mail recently who took it upon herself to freely and wildly speculate about the arguments that I would be raising in my recent intervention before the Supreme Court on the matter involving BCE......when she had my written intervention factum in her possession.....I guess reality didn't fit with the Globe's "world view", so she made one up that did.

As for Jackie McNish, her clear intent was to discredit me. Unfortunately for her, it backfired.

Brent Fullard

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Dr Mike said...

Media has lost most of it`s credibility over the last few years--they have become biased & politically motivated in their musings.

At least at one time , the print media was perfect for lining bird cages but with today`s new writers , they are already full of crap when you get them.

Dr mike Popovich.