Friday, July 4, 2008

Jim Flaherty comments on BCE sale....Jim?

“We were going to see the two largest telecommunications companies in the country not pay corporate taxes. That's a clear and present danger to fairness in the Canadian tax system. I thought we had to act.” Globe and Mail, November 2, 2006.

“It is estimated Ottawa stands to lose over $1-billion in annual tax revenue should Bell Canada be privatized.” Financial Post, July 4, 2007

BCE and Purchaser Enter Into Final Agreement Financing and Credit Agreements Signed July 4, 2008

Jim Flaherty, would you like to comment? Who will make up the $1 billion in lost taxes now that BCE has gone private? What does this mean for consumers now that Canada's largest telecommunications carrier will be saddled with $44 billion of debt? Won't that mean lessened competition and higher costs for cell phones and basic services?

What became of standing up for consumers? Or was that last week?

Won't Telus be next?


Dr Mike said...

Does no one in Ottawa other than the Green party have a freaking clue as to what is going on??

Has it gotten to the point where a billion dollars in lost taxes is a small price to pay to keep corporate Canada happy??

People in this country go without medicines .

People in this country don`t know where their next meal is coming from---nearly 1 million children go to school hungry.

Our natives are being treated like third class citizens shoved onto pieces of land no one wanted.

Billions in taxes from BCE & the billions shoved into a useless war in Afghanistan , are being pissed away with almost no thought.

Maybe Elizabeth May is our only hope.

Where have all the others gone??

Dr Mike Popovich

Polyian said...

The total lack of outrage by the opposition parties shows us that they are either ignorant of what is happening or afraid to take on the Teacher's Pension Plan...most likely the latter. This illustrates how a powerful organization such as Teachers can do what it wants with our Canadian corporations. It's looking like the Green Party is the only opposition party willing to stand up for average Canadians...I guess they are taking the role away from the NDP after Taliban Jack sold out to Harper.
Some will make a lot of money on this deal but after the capital gains tax and losing dividends for several months it won't be the average shareholder.
I think the shareholders should take BCE to court for holding back on the dividends they had agreed to continue paying until the deal was closed.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a coutry is run by amateurs, and those who are out of their depth and can't make smart decisions while under pressure. I'm referring to fats Harper and short-arse Flaherty, the root causes of all these blunders of the past two-and-half years.

Paul Sirois

jean-marie said...

Income trusts and RTs were very good for investors AND the trasury.
We were paying taxes at personal rate and much more than Corps will ever do.

Ignorance is so makes me cry.
Dummies are in charge and the opposition members don't have a clue. On top, taking a position in favour of retirees and their income trusts is not a great move facing the ignorant crowd. We know that we are right but we are cornered by ignorance, bad faith, liars and more.

That's the kind of politicians we elect and the solution is not coming in next weeks.

Sad, very sad that we are small change and we don't count facing the powerful Corps lobbies.
We must unite to defeat the liars in charge and hope that Mr Dion will show same courage he is showing in the environment file.

Dr Mike said...


You are absolutely right!!

We must make sure that once we manage to elect a Liberal gov`t that we hold their feet to the fire & make sure that they come thru on their promise to alter this trust tax.

All of us "trusters" are ready to fight an election any time one is called---we already have our ducks in a row & our information in hand .

The Conservatives will pay for their butt kissing of the corporations---we will make sure of that.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

July 4, 2008: Now that our brilliant Finance Minister has given the Teachers Union carte blanche to steal dividends from BCE shareholders, what is in store for Canadians in the future. The g......d......Teachers will not pay Federal taxes for years to come but for years BCE shareholders (close to 3/4 of a million in Canada) paid hefty income taxes. The Conservatives simply want to bleed the average Canadian. Not too much but enough to keep the "fat cats" in government living the good life while the rest of us struggle with $1.48 litre gasoline. Why doesn't Flaherty reduce the hidden taxes the government collects on each litre of gasoline (probably about 40 or more cents). We must rid ourselves of the Conservatives. They will beggar us all.