Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yo Harper, pass the filet mignon

G8 Irony, Leaders Talk About Food Shortage, Leaders Dine on 8-Course Dinner

Posted yesterday by [Citizen Journalist] Can Tran

While the G8 leaders talk about shortage of food worldwide and food costs, there is a sheer irony of the aspect presented in that regard.
There is a sheer irony in the paradox associated with this year’s G8 summit, which is being hosted by Japan on the northern island of Hokkaido. A wide range of topics would be discussed at the G8. Such topics included: Zimbabwe, Africa, oil prices, climate control, and everything else. One topic they went over was the international food shortages.

This is where the irony begins.

While the G8 leaders were talking about food shortages, they were eating an eight-course dinner banquet. Yes, they were eating hearty while they were discussing global food shortages. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown talked about how people shouldn't waste food. Yet, he was one of the leaders that enjoyed a very grand meal.

They already had a five-course lunch afterwards. Japan itself had spent over half a billion dollars to hold the G8 summit. It was revealed that the same amount of money could be used to help and save many people. But, the money was used to host the G8 summit. That would mean that a good chunk of that cash was spent to prepare such a scrumptious dinner enjoyed by the G8 leaders.

In short, while the G8 leaders are talking about world hunger and food shortages, they are enjoying a five-course lunch and an eight-course dinner.

Looking at the items on the lunch and dinner menus, one could say the G8 leaders were eating pretty hearty.

There is a sheer irony and paradox associated with this talk on global food shortages.

Anybody else feeling the irony?

While they talk about global hunger and international food shortages, this is what the leaders attending the G8 summit are heaving:

For lunch: a soup with white asparagus and truffles, a type of edible foam made from Kegani crab, stuffed chicken, selection of cheeses, and ice cream.

The lunch alone should cost a high six-figures.

For dinner: a type of caviar stuffed in corn, smoked salmon, onion tart, Kyoto beef, fatty tuna fish, clams, grilled eel, sweet potato, Goby (a type of fish), crab soup, some other type of seafood called thornyhead which has been salted and grilled, milk-fed lamb, roasted lamb, selection of cheeses, a special G8 fantasy dessert, and coffee.

The dinner alone should cost between the high-six figures and low seven-figures at least.

They did not skimp out on the wine either.

Reading the selections of wine, it too costs a pretty penny.

Yes, these are our world leaders. While they talk about global food shortages, these are the selections they have been eating.

While the amount of money is estimated to be used to help millions of people, it has instead been used to host the G8 summit. On top of that, a good chunk of the cash has seemed to be used to prepare that 5-course lunch and 8-course dinner.

On a personal note, anybody else besides me notice something wrong with the picture?

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Dr Mike said...

While I don`t begrudge Mr Harper a nice home cooked meal at the talks , I think this may have been a touch excessive.

We will at least hope that he brings home a doggy bag.

The nearly 1 million children that go to school hungry daily in this country would thank him.

Dr Mike Popovich.