Thursday, July 3, 2008

Has Flaherty leaked the news of his income trust transition rules?

As he wrongly accused Ralph Goodale of, has Flaherty leaked to the market the news of his pending income trust transition rules? If so Judy, this one's for you and the RCMP or would you prefer to wait until you can throw the next federal election with the announcement of an RCMP criminal investigation as you did in election 2006?

Saw this on a stock bulletin board. It concerns Flaherty’s transition rules that the trust industry has been waiting 20 months for and which Flaherty has withheld to keep these trusts “in check” and to assure himself of the absence of vocal dissent.

“Could news be leaking out about the new trust rules ?or a hedge fund ?
Re: Why big sell off today? 11 minutes ago It's bad for all CANROYS and oil trusts.”

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