Sunday, July 20, 2008

My posting on concerning small businessmen


Like you, Jim Flaherty is also a small businessman. I mean his business is small, and not his intellect or physical stature per se.

Flaherty's small business is called Flaherty Dow & Elliott. (FDE)

It's a law firm that specializes in the low end part of the legal litigation.....also known as ambulance chasing.

Flaherty's law firm is like every other law firm in Canada, of which there are about 60,000. You will be interested in knowing that Flaherty's law firm doesn't pay a cent in taxes. That's because FDE is an FTE.....a tax flow through entity.

Why can Flaherty's law firm benefit from the tax flow through structure and the publicly traded income trusts can not? Why can income trusts be held by pension funds and not be subject to Flaherty's draconian new 31.5% tax, and yet income trusts are subject to that tax when held inside an RRSP?

How arbitrary and unfair is that? How does any of this qualify as a Tax Fairness Plan?

If that's fairness, I want less of it. Plus I want back my portion of the $35 billion that Flaherty stole from me and 2.5 million other Canadians, returned, based on his unproven assertions of tax contained in 18 pages of blacked out documents.

Flaherty is a crook......assuming massive fraud is still a crime in Canada? The NDP are his criminal accomplices. I thought this government was going to tough on crime, as opposed to perpetrating crimes?


Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Very interesting stuff. You forgot one name at his firm.

It's Flaherty Dow Elliott & McCarthy (Elliott being his wife, Christine Elliott, the MPP for Whitby).

Robert Gibbs said...


I know that you have discussed this very pertinent point about Dim Jim's law firm - and about pension funds and private equity firms - with respect to the income trust issue before, but I would like to say that I absolutely love the tone and clearly enunciated hypocrisy of Flaherty in this recent piece that you also posted on Garth Turner's website.

I'm sure that many of Garth Turner's readers - that is those who are intellectually informed, sound of mind, and non-"Harpergasm" CON readers - will also find much to appreciate in your comment. Based on previous comments posted over time at Mr. Turner's website, it appears there are a great many readers who are also of like mind. In fact, the income trust issue seems to be a frequently recurring theme with numerous posters, along with Mr. Turner clearly stating on many occasions his (and the Liberal party's) objections to Harper's and Flaherty's policy, as I'm sure you are aware.

However, given Deceivin' Stephen's and Flatulent Flaherty's CON intransigence and aforementioned hypocrisy, it appears the only avenue of possible justice is through the next federal election, by way of voting in a Liberal government.

As you know, the Liberals have declared a much more compassionate policy and provide the greatest chance at turfing this criminal cadre of CON thugs.

As always, many thanks for your ongoing efforts.

Robert Gibbs

Anonymous said...

Thnanks Anonymous.

I didn't know about McCarthy....must be a recent addition to FDE. Perhaps McCarthy is FDE"s paid speech writer?

Flaherty had got so used to having the government pay for every one of his speeches, he probably couldn't do without one at his law firm. Do you suppose McCarthy gets paid $25,000 per speech?

Or perhaps because two of the principles, namely Flaherty and Elliott have full time day jobs as an MP and MPP respectively, that they had to hire McCarthy to do the real know....ambulance chasing.

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Last winter was as frigid as a Russian winter. Our beloved Finance Minister feels he can have certain laws that cover his family and friends and the rest of us can simply go to hell. Now we can imply that not only can our winters equate the Russians but our style of government is parallel.

Anonymous said...

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