Sunday, June 15, 2008

Apology due

Apology due
Calgary Herald
Published: Sunday, June 15, 2008
Re: "'Finally, we heard Canada say sorry'," June 12.

Stephen Harper apologized for the perceived misdeeds of our forefathers. Twice. Once for the Chinese, now for the aboriginals. Great.

I trust he will pass his strong character traits to his children. I expect his children will apologize to Canada for their father's broken promise regarding income trusts. It put the livelihood of a lot of seniors and retirees in a precarious position.

Oktay Yersel, Calgary


Anonymous said...

Beauty.!!!! Calgary no less....Indian givers no less..Fathers day no less.

Happy Fathers Day to all except the Lie Conceal Fabricate Stephen Harpster whose capacity to Lie Conceal Fabricate is only exceeded by his capacity to bribe politicians and to be incompetent and corrupt.....and to present that very image of Canada to the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

The majority of this CON party are liars, cheats, hypocrites,gutless whimps, and feather nesters. When the the hell are we going to sweep these crumbs out before they invite more cockroaches.

Prairie Kid said...

1. No G.S.T.
2. No child poverty after 2000.
3. Reduce greenhouse gases
4. National child care

Sure glad the Liberal politicians don't lie.

CAITI said...

Yes, Jimmy FinMin, the economy is cranking right along. Like the North Star, bright in the sky!

June 11 - Bloomberg (Theophilos Argitis): "Canadian industrial companies used less of their production capacity last quarter than at any time in the past 15 years, as auto manufacturers and lumber mills slowed production. The proportion of plants in use fell to 79.8%..."


Anonymous said...

Hey prairie kid:

Who said anything about Liberals apart from you?

So your pristine logic is that if previous Liberal regimes have lied, then harper can lie.

Give your prairie dog head a shake.

How about zero tolerance for election lies, for politicians of all stripes?

Losing $35 billion to achieve a stated goal (stemming alleged but unproven tax leakage) and actually cause real world tax leakage is as dumb as it gets.

Sort of like the surgeon who amputates the wrong leg. You are arguing for more of that. Some lame standards you bring to the table for acceptance by the Canadian electorate.

BTW: Say hello to Tom Lukiwski for me. He;s one of you prairie kids who strives for the lowest common denominator.

Brent Fullard

Dr Mike said...

Whoa Brent---a beauty wack to the groin of Prairie Kid--that`s gotta leave a mark.

By the way Prairie Kid , I have been a Progressive Conservative my whole life & voted for this party for over 3 decades--the income trust lie was the biggest lie ever perpetrated by any democratic government in history.

I could not care one fig as to what the Liberals have ever done---that does not concern me in the least.

It is the loss of integrity of my once great party that has me concerned & reaching to the Liberals for help.

Harper stood there over & over again telling us unsuspecting folks that he would NEVER tax income trusts---not just once , but several times.

Now this was a great vote getter , no doubt about it.

If getting votes was the only reason for the promise , then mission accomplished.

He got himself elected on the backs of several hundred thousand innocent victims of a hollow promise made by the man we elected as Prime Minister.

Sure makes me proud to be a Conservative Prairie Kid---I hope you can hold your eyes to mine & tell me that the Tax fairness Plan was necessary --showing me what was on the 18 blacked out pages will be a nice start.

Dr mike Popovich--former life-long Conservative.