Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good grief: Harper attempts to suppress self-incriminating Cadman tape

This latest claim is wholly inconsistent with the Harper government’s efforts to shut down parliamentary review of this possible election bribery incident.

If the tape is really a fake, why did Committee Chairman Art Hangar run from the committee room no less that 3 times when an inquiry into the Cadman affair was being voted on? Or was it 4 times?

Nothing doctored about that. A sure case of running from uncovering the truth.

Meanwhile we still have the unambiguous accounts of the Conservative party's attempted election bribe from Cadman’s wife, daughter and son-in-law.

PS: Speaking of evidence Still waiting for Stephen Harper's proof of tax leakage. Or maybe Flaherty’s numbers were conveniently doctored???

Someone, please ask Mark Carney whether it was his idea or Flaherty’s to doctor the tax leakage numbers by leaving out 38% of the taxes Ottawa collects on income trusts.

Cadman tape was doctored: Tories
June 04, 2008
OTTAWA - The federal Conservatives alleged Wednesday that a tape implicating Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the Cadman affair had been doctored.


Dr Mike said...

From the account that I read , the Cons had 2 of North America`s leading Audio experts test the tape.


I wonder if they may have gotten their names from Julie Couillard (she might have come in handy after all)--seems she has some nice connections with guys who know tape--Frank ( the big guy) Cotroni & Vito Rizzuto.

Just joshin Cons!!!!

I am sure you had no trouble finding a couple of like-minded individuals who could help you out with this one without Julie`s help.

At least with audio tape , you would not need any magic markers!!!!!!!!

Dr Mike Popovich.

Transcanada said...

Perhaps some pre-election planning. Imagine the damage caused if Canadians heard Harper talk about financial considerations all summer long during the bbq circuit.

I guess in Harpers micro-mind it is better to suppress that damning tape now.

Dr Mike said...

These guys will do anything to keep the tape from becoming an election add---tossing it into the court will effectively kill it`s use.

I am waiting for them to declare the Harper trust tape promise to be "detrimental to the health of small animals & little children " & declare it by court order to be unusable in an election add.

Dr Mike.