Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Poll Out: Which policy was designed to screw the West?

"(The carbon tax plan) is like the national energy program in the sense that the national energy program was designed to screw the West and really damage the energy sector - and this will do those things," Harper told a small crowd in Saskatoon.

Get your votes in. Which Policy was most successful in screwing the West?

(a) Ed Clark’s/ Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Program that instituted a 12% PGRT tax on petroleum and gas revenues?

Mark Carney’s/Stephen Harper’s Tax Fairness Plan to double tax energy trusts at 31.5% and raid seniors nest eggs to the tune of $35 billion and inducing takeovers in Canada's energy sector by middle eastern oil firms like Abu Dhabi Energy and Hong Kong billionaires like Li Ka Shing?

Dion’s Carbon tax to shift $15 billion of income tax collection to carbon producing activities (or some such thing?)

Stephen Harper was very adversely affected by the NEP as his Wikipedia entry reveals, since at the time of the NEP, “Harper then enrolled at the University of Toronto but after two months he dropped out, then moved to Edmonton, Alberta, where he found work at Imperial Oil, in the mail room.[3]”

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Transcanada said...

I expect the CONs will try to still attempt to scare Canadians with the 'tax on everything' propaganda.

Q-If Canada exports energy then who will pay the tax on those exports?

A-The exporting country

All the carbon tax paid by exporting countries thru purchase of Canadian carbon based energy will be passed back directly to Canadian taxpayers.

This is better than anything the CONservatives have come up with.