Thursday, June 5, 2008

Harper's tax leakage claims were doctored. Raids seniors nest eggs.

What kind of third world country implements new tax legislation premised on the absence of proof and lets its Finance Minister doctor his financial analyses? You’re doing a great job Canadian media. Let me all have company pensions?


Dr Mike said...

It is easy to "doctor" the tax leakage calculations when you are unaccountable to anyone Mr Flaherty.

Well , so you think.

We , who voted for you on the basis of your promise to not tax trusts , will not forget.

You told us how important we were to you at the time of the election & how those dirty SOB Liberals were trying to shaft us & how you would protect us to the "end".

I just wish that you would have told us that the "end" was only 9 months away.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

The posting asked the question: "what kind of third world country...."

Forget about Ontario.....Flaherty and his gang of unaccountable thugs have made Canada the last place on earth you would want to invest:

"we won;t tax trusts.....ooops now that you've elected us we are taxing trusts....bye bye $35 billion"

Very stable tax regime this Canada has? I'd rather invest inn Las Vegas. The rules better defined. The odds known.

Robert Gibbs said...

Some may find this extremely interesting, as it concerns our former Prime Minister, Lyin' Brian Mulroney, and the Airbus affair. I highly recommend taking the time to read it.

This was copied from a "blog" by a man named Daniel M. Deilgat, an information specialist-consultant, who has recently "uncovered extraordinary circumstances which are now publicly addressed by Karlheinz Schreiber, a German arms dealer that was accused of bribing a former Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney."

The two "posts" (articles) may be somewhat difficult to follow, but in essence, it appears as though he has uncovered new evidence to more solidly confirm that Lyin' Brian did indeed receive kickbacks from Air Canada's purchases of Airbus planes back in the late 1980s (early 1990s?). The second article even suggests that "good ol' boy" Lyin' Brian may have had something to do with his former tax lawyer's apparent suicide/murder!

Apparently, too, he has written a letter to Pat Martin, an NDP MP who sat on the recent House Of Commons committee investigating Mulroney, summarizing his story and evidence.

Looks like Lyin' Brian's goose may eventually and finally be cooked, should this make it to the (supposedly) upcoming public inquiry, the courts, and/or the mainstream media.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Airbus Evidence linking Mulroney to the money

By: Daniel Deilgat
Toronto, Ontario

On Monday I sent a letter to Pat Martin, a Member of Parliament here in Canada.

In that letter I described in details the tail end of the transactions where the Airbus kickbacks ended.

That letter identifies investments that initiated in the Isle of Man from companies controlled by a trustee named Peter Michael Bond.

Peter Bond was the Isle of Man resident that dealt with Bruce Vercheres whom in turn acted on behalf of Brian Mulroney.

The “Telluride Investments” were also separately identified in a book by author Stevie Cameron.

I called the RCMP on Monday and I also advised Karlheinz Schreiber personally of the new circumstances.

I sincerely hope that this information will be used for the benefits of all Canadians and go to prove that the RCMP could have solved the case as early as January of 1995.

The Martin Letter.

Private Desk of:
Daniel M. Deilgat
Toronto, Ontario
M4l 1N5

Monday, June 02, 2008

Mr. Pat Martin
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
Telephone: (613) 992-5308

Re: Brian Mulroney/Karlheinz Schreiber/ Airbus.

Mr. Martin;

Last Friday I caught news that the Ethics Committee voted in favor of re-calling Brian Mulroney to answer further questions.
Frankly I was surprised by the latest developments but nevertheless, I am impressed.

Since the committee had closed it’s hearings I set out to prepare to evidence how and where Mulroney got his money, in case I was ever asked to testify at the upcoming inquiry. Concurrently, this is pretty much the end of the road for me in the sense that I can only provide so much to the circumstances.

I had to wait until somehow there was public information out there to corroborate the allegations that I had set forth over the years and, it came, at the very end of the Ethics Committee’s hearings.

The evidence that everybody was looking for was the purchase of condominiums in Telluride Colorado , a detail I had provided in a formal complaint with the RCMP in late 1994. The infamous purchases by Bruce Vercheres-Mulroney’s then tax lawyer, was described in Ms. Cameron’s book, Blue Trust.

Brian Mulroney received kickbacks in the Airbus transactions with Air Canada through Isle of Man and British Isles entities. I don’t know the name of the principal holding or if for that matter there is one, however, we know that the funds were transferred through a maze of entities incorporated in both the Isle of Man and Jersey . The trustee managing the so called kickbacks is an Isle of Man resident by the name of Peter M. Bond.

Bond was the Director of Valmet Ltd, formerly called Riggs-Valmet, a then subsidiary of Riggs International whom in turn was the parent company of Riggs Bank, a bank primarily based in Washington DC . At the material times of the Airbus transactions, Valmet was operating under the name of Riggs-Valmet, an incorporator and asset management company headquartered in Douglas, Isle of Man.

Peter Bond is a household name in the Isle of Man. He his known to have been the trustee that handled over eight billion dollars worth of ill-gotten funds in the Yukos Oil scandal in Russia , for which the Chairman of Yukos Oil- Mikhail Khodorkovsky, is now serving an eight years jail sentence in Russia .

Bond was also granted immunity in the United States in return for his testimony in a money laundering case in 2003-04.

Mr. Bond’s two main entities that were also involved in the Yukos matters, the Mulroney Kickback scheme, my client’s funds and the Telluride condo developments were named, Fovarranne Limited and Scaan Limited. Both entities acted as trustees in all of Mr. Bond’s investments on behalf of his clients including Brian Mulroney’s assets through Bruce Vercheres.

Scaan and Fovarrane were the two shareholders in an entity formed to finance the development of the Telluride properties. Mr. Vercheres purchased condos in the development in order to legitimize the ill-gotten funds of his clients through a complex set of loan transactions whereas the borrowers would default in time.

Peter Bond’s clients includes the likes of former President of the United States ; George Bush Sr., former British Prime Minister John Majors and of course, Brian Mulroney.
Bond was the trustee that received in excess of three hundred million dollars from my client’s company, Allied Cellular Systems Ltd. The proceeds from my client’s company were illicitly funneled to Mr. Bond by Lee Gilson Lovett- a principal of Allied cellular Systems Ltd.

At the request of the Board of Directors of Allied, I conducted interviews with Isle of Man Registrar of Companies staffers in 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1996. I reported some of the findings in time to a court appointed investigative committee appointed by the Board of Allied and this committee found our report satisfactory. Headquarters of Allied where suddenly moved to the Bermudas.

It is through these interviews that I was made aware of Brian Mulroney’s involvement in some of the Peter Bond entities.
I dismissed the information at the time because it had no bearing on my client’s case other than for the fact that Bond had invested the Mulroney funds with Allied’s funds in the Telluride condo and Ski resort project.

Nevertheless I forwarded the information to the RCMP in a 1994 complaint without naming Brian Mulroney or Bruce Vercheres. Mr. Mulroney’s attorney, Mr. Vercheres, was in direct contact with Mr. Bond. Vercheres represented to Bond that the funds entrusted with him belonged to Brian Mulroney.

In time and in turn, Mr. Bond divulged Mr. Mulroney’s involvement to some staffers at Valmet and soon, many individuals at Valmet and at the Registrar of Companies discussed openly the transactions that became commonly known as the Airbus/Mulroney money…

When it became clear to me in 1997 that the RCMP hadn’t identified the evidence, I called Inspector Peter German of the RCMP in Ottawa and advised him of these circumstances. Shortly thereafter, in a phone conversation with Peter Bond, he admitted to me that he had handled funds on behalf of Brian Mulroney, through Bruce Vercheres.

I never told the RCMP about the phone conversation with Bond. The purpose of withholding the conversation from the RCMP was deliberate.

My clients and I didn’t trust that the RCMP would follow through in their investigation of the Airbus case.

We were right.

In 2005 I set out to determine who would know of Peter Bond’s involvement in the Airbus case here in Canada . I met with just about everybody involved at the time. From Karlheinz Schreiber to Harvey Cashore of the CBC’s Fifth Estate. Staffers and partners of lawyers including Edward Greenspan’s affiliates, other lawyers, their affiliates, family friends etc.

However the name of Peter Bond came up two years later from an unsuspected source, it came from relations of Stevie Cameron’s lawyer, Mr. Clayton Ruby.
Shortly thereafter I initiated communication with Stevie Cameron however, until today; I had never mentioned to Ms. Cameron what her attorney’s friends and family knew of Peter Bond.

In Blue Trust, Ms. Cameron’s book about the circumstances surrounding the death of Bruce Vercheres, she writes about a property purchased in Telluride Colorado . These various Telluride properties were managed by Peter Bond through offshore investments.
A portion of the funds for the Telluride developments came from my client’s money through two Isle of Man entities. The entities-managed by Peter Bond, were called SKI Limited and Telluride Investments Ltd.

These entities were listed in the 1994 complaint I had filed with the RCMP, on behalf of the Allied Board of Directors.

Peter Bond’s scheme was to develop real estate projects like the Telluride project, with ill-gotten funds and then sell back parts of the project to the same individuals that had financed the development through various loan schemes.

In time, legitimizing the funds once parked in the Isle of Man.

Unfortunately for Brian Mulroney, it might be that Bruce Vercheres’ wife accidentally seized some of the assets that should have reverted back to Brian Mulroney.

Hence why Mulroney had to borrow from Karlheinz Schreiber.

Good Luck,

Dan Deilgat


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Is Brian Mulroney the Victim of a thief and if so, did he have a hand in the death of his attorney, Bruce Vercheres.

By: Daniel Deilgat
Toronto, Ontario

Here’s a headline that you will never see but only because it can’t be proven; Bruce Verchere was murdered; RCMP investigating claims that Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was involved.

In fact, the RCMP looked into that possibility however, even if Mulroney’s henchmen had threatened or coerced Verchere into blowing his head off, and asides from the fact that this would be impossible to prove since Vercheres cannot corroborate that fact, the bottom line is that it appears that Bruce Verchere pulled the trigger, twice.
Nevertheless, the RCMP re-visited the circumstances surrounding the death of Bruce Verchere if only because he was Mulroney’s tax attorney while Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister.

The RCMP faced a huge challenge in investigating the Airbus case.

First of all, the RCMP had to determine where the transactions took place, i.e., in or out of Canada, this is important because if they occurred outside of Canadian borders- which is likely, the RCMP might not be able to conduct a legitimate investigation. What I mean by that is that the RCMP would most certainly revert to investigative resources that they cannot admit being part of and/or have commissioned through third parties. For example when they asked Kroll Canada- a private consulting firm whose New York parent is one of the most prominent investigative firm in the world, to obtain information pertaining to overseas companies and bank accounts, the RCMP did that because they could not have convinced another government to seize that information so, they hired a private sector firm. The reasoning behind the RCMP decision was simple, maybe we can’t get the information legally but at least we get the information and then we’ll go shake down the proverbial trees.

For example; if the RCMP had found that Verchere indeed had handled the Airbus funds to be paid to Mulroney, they could have gone to him and pressure him to admit to his role and, testify against Mulroney. However there was a problem, Verchere died two years earlier.

As plans usually go, something somewhere will go wrong however in this particular case, things seemed to take a turn for the better for the RCMP, a second witness was emerging, Verchere’s wife.

Verchere dutifully spent a lot of his wife’s money because he figured that in marriage, half the assets were his anyway. But in 1993, Verchere’s financial situation took a strange twist, his wife threatened to release information about Bruce Verchere’s involvement in schemes to defraud the Canadian government. In her cross hair was Brian Mulroney, a man she utterly despised if only for the fact that the Mulroney’s liked Bruce Verchere’s mistress more than her, the wife. A much younger woman and the daughter of a prominent international author-who also happened to be a client of Verchere, she was pregnant with twins, the father, Bruce Verchere.

Verchere didn’t have all of the wife’s money and that, he hoped, could be negotiated with his wife since he should be entitled to half of the family’s wealth but, the wife wasn’t finished with her requests and Verchere was put in a corner by his wife.

Although he had cheated on her in the past and that now he had this other family friend pregnant, Lynne Walters-Verchere wanted her money and her husband back. She wanted him to come back home to be the father to his sons and resume their family life, she didn’t want her twenty something sons to be hurt….
What was strange about that request was that the sons were in their early twenties and well on their way out of the house, which would have left Bruce and Lynne alone, with the sons gone to forge their mark on the world. So why want the husband back? What family? Why want him back?

Lynne Walters-Verchere just didn’t want her money back she wanted to punish her husband; she wanted him to see her very morning and night to remind him, to torture him mentally.
When she realized that more than three million dollars was missing, she was pissed. She wanted every single penny back or she would expose the transactions between Airbus and Mulroney, she wanted a close eye on her husband and home was as close as it gets.

Another strange and unusual twist in the matter-perhaps a conflict of interests, was that Bruce Verchere’s lawyer in the divorce proceeding and settlement between him and his wife, was the same lawyer that interrogated Brian Mulroney on behalf of the Canadian government during the trial whereas Mulroney had sued the Canadian government. Bruce Verchere’s lawyer was well aware of the wife’s claims and threats of revealing publicly the involvement of her husband on behalf of clients, knowing that Mulroney was a client of Verchere and that Mulroney was suspected of receiving kickbacks from Airbus.

Allegations that Brian Mulroney was bribed millions of dollars and that Bruce Verchere had hid the money through offshore companies, were not lost on Mr. Sheppard. Funds, we found out later, were in the Isle of Man and handled there by a certain Peter Michael Bond of then Riggs-Valmet. Bond became a witness for the American government after he agreed to testify in an unrelated bankruptcy case and where he almost disclosed Brian Mulroney’s name. However, in reaching his deal with the Justice Department in the United States, Bond represented to American government officials that he had declared that he handled funds for several political leaders, including Brian Mulroney.

The government of George W. Bush granted Peter Michael Bond full immunity against any crimes he might have committed in the Unites States in return for his testimony in the Brennan case and further disclosure related to any other cases that the Justice Department might want to look at. One of those cases was the now defunct Riggs-Bank in Washington. Long looked at as the CIA’s bank, Riggs specialized in handling accounts for international dignitaries.

Eventually an investigation was launched against Riggs and it was fined a record twenty five million dollars for money laundering.

For Claude Armand Sheppard however, defending an action brought by Mulroney against the RCMP and the Canadian government, seemed, the right place to be at, Sheppard had an advantage, he knew that Mulroney wasn’t squeaky clean, but he also knew that Lynne Verchere had given back the file of her husband that contained the evidence against Mulroney, to Mulroney. He knew that he wasn’t going to win unless, the evidence reappeared…

It didn’t apparently.

Not being aware of the Verchere circumstances in 1996-7, I advised the RCMP independently of claims made to us in the Isle of Man. In fact, we had inadvertedly provided part of the evidence to the RCMP in a 1994 complaint with the Vancouver detachment of the RCMP.

However, the RCMP’s Peter German refused to consider the evidence and that was a mistake.

The RCMP could have easily requested the information from the FBI in the United States after we had advised of the relationship between Bond and Mulroney’s assets. Still to this day, there exists many ways to verify the information, interview witness and get the testimony of individuals directly involved in the Mulroney-Airbus transactions yet, the RCMP seemed to be rejecting the Airbus case.

A book written by Canadian author Stevie Cameron was brought to my attention over two years ago. In fact several books by Ms. Cameron were suggested to me but I resisted the temptation to read them in order to be able to better define the validity of our own information. In the last couple of days however I picked up Blue Trust and began to read.

The feeling I got from reading her book was one of satisfaction. I came out of it knowing that it can be proven just how Mulroney was suppose to get the money and if, indeed he actually had the chance to use it.
I realized for the first time just how coincidental our paths have crossed. On behalf of my clients I received information from the Registrar of companies in the Isle of Man that gives the investigators the other end of the Airbus transactions. Karlheinz Schreiber provides the insight on how the deal was initially structured and, Stevie Cameron gives us insight on the personal issues between Mulroney, his lawyers and the women Verchere just couldn’t get enough of. Cameron gave all of us involved in the Airbus case, the structure of the dynamics that enables us to finally paint a picture of truth.

Unlike Stevie Cameron and Arthur Haley however, I am not yet ready to leap to the conclusion that Mulroney might have had something to do with Verchere’s suicide although, in Montreal, police officials and sources seem to be less skeptical.

I don’t have an opinion as to if Mulroney would actually go to the level of having someone killed just because they stole a couple of millions from him, but then again, his is a life of money and destruction for profits.

I knew a man once that was very much like Bruce Verchere however that man was loyal to his wife. But would he have been in the same predicament as Verchere, I have no doubt that he would have done the right thing and face his wife and told her that he had spent most of their money. He wouldn’t have returned home and he wouldn’t have intended to steal the money of his clients that was entrusted with him, but I’m sure he would have used some of it if he was in a bind.

In the description of events in Blue Trust there are some disturbing revelations on how Bruce Verchere lived his last days that are not consistent with the behavior of individuals that are about to kill themselves. Again, just before his death there are a few hours of time spent with his wife, in bed, whereas there could have been conversation, what did they talk about? The book simply tells us that the couple was reading the newspaper from the time they woke up to approximately ten O’clock that strange morning, only going downstairs to make coffee and breakfast to eat back in bed, upstairs.

Bruce Verchere was naked when he went to the washroom to kill himself. Perhaps he always went to the washroom naked; however I don’t think he would have gone downstairs and prepared breakfast naked when neighbors had a clear view of the kitchen. I wonder if there was ever a search for a bath robe. Were there any kind of fibers on his body. If these fibers on his body would have been matched with, say, fiber traces picked up from the crime scene perhaps investigators would have been able to determine if the scene was wiped with that bathrobe. Investigators back then had a special chemical called Luminol. On tile grout, Luminol is a wonderful tool. Once the tiles and joints sprayed, all you have to do is close the lights and block the windows and light up a black light. If there was any blood that was not apparent to the eye or that was wiped, the forensic technicians would have found it.

But then again, the body was whisked from the scene way too early which indicates that the investigators did deem it necessary to conduct a thorough investigation of the crime scene, a chronic problem with the Montreal Police in those years.

The book doesn’t provide any details of the crime scene. For example it was intriguing to read that the wife and son heard not one but two shots fired. Where did the first shot end and where did the second shot go? What kind of shotgun was it. Double barrel? Split triggers? Was there any trigger device to fire the two shots? Why did the son remove the shot gun from the body? A shot gun’s recoil force, most of the time, falls at a distance from the body.

I read somewhere that Verchere might have written his suicide note the night before. Yet that it was found neatly in the middle of his desk surface right after the tragedy? Was the note dusted for prints? Why would he wait until the morning? Did he take any calls from Mulroney that morning? The night before?

If he did write the note the night before why not follow through with the deed while his sons were out of the house? The note clearly states that he didn’t want to traumatize his family any further, yet everybody was at the house the next morning…

I understand that Ms. Cameron’s research affiliate for the book was also a lawyer yet, they offer no technical legal explanations. I found this as disturbing as the thought that Mulroney could have had anything to do with the death of Bruce Verchere.

Another concern that was not addressed in the Cameron book was if Verchere or his wife, were privy to any information pertaining to the interests of Canada that he wasn’t suppose to be familiar with.

Certainly Arthur Hailey believes that Verchere killed himself because he was threatened by Mulroney’s Florida associates which ironically, are Quebeckers. Local thugs that migrated to the warm coast of Florida.

In the end it is clear that Mulroney, being who he is and what he was involved in, would impose on his friends, and professional affiliates, pressures that most of us cannot phantom. Let’s face it, Mulroney entrusted illicit funds with his lawyer whom seemingly was forced to use them in order to protect his client from his own wife.

In the end it killed him and no matter how you cut it, Brian Mulroney had something to do with Verchere’s apparent suicide.

The book never investigated Verchere’s firm for any liability insurance claims it might have filed to repay Mulroney.

Then again, the authors never though that my clients would come up with the other side of the equation.