Monday, June 30, 2008

News Flash: Dion to rebrand Carbon Tax as Tax Fairness Plan: Sure to bamboozle the press and any inquisitive naysayers

Carbon Tax is too honest and direct.

Green Shift is unproven and vague.

Stephane Dion should use the tried and true name of Tax Fairness Plan. It worked marvelously for Harper and his egregiously unfair and grossly inequitable income trust tax, in which average Canadians pay a 31.5% tax on RRSP holdings of income trusts, but large pension funds do not.

Stephane could assure himself of 99% press support for his new tax plan. Even Terry Corcoran, arch denier of all things “global warming”, would sign up. All Dion needs to do (as Harper did with income trusts) is say that he is “leveling the playing field” and preventing the “unfair shifting of the tax burden on average Canadians”. The sure fire argument will be that it will “strengthen Canada’s social security system for pensioners and seniors”

Maybe the Toronto Star can write a piece in blind support entitled “Carbon Tax 2.0”

By calling it a Tax Fairness Plan, the Liberals can drop the requirement that the Auditor General audit the plan every year to ensure it is revenue neutral.......simpler just to issue 18 pages of blacked out documents.. That’s the new standard of proof for all major news organizations in Canada: CBC, CTV, BNN, Globe and Mail, National Post, La Presse, National Enquirer.

PS: The Liberals are wasting their time asking the Auditor General to annually audit their Carbon Tax, since Sheila Fraser never got off her idle butt in response to the numerous requests that she numerous request that she investigate Harper’s phony and unproven allegations. that income trust cause tax leakage. As such, Sheila Fraser is a major disgrace to her office. Her reasons for not doing so, completely political. Maybe her next posting will be the RCMP, or head of Canada’s nuclear regulatory agency.


Polyian said...

Actually, He could use Tax Fairness Shift. A Shift from mythical fairness to actual fairness.

Babylonian said...

Sorry, not following. Are you being sarcastic with this post?

Anonymous said...

Babylonian asked "Sorry, not following. Are you being sarcastic with this post?"

Yes. Tax Fairness Plan was the name given to the double taxation of income tusts in RRSPs that saw Canadians lose $35 billion of their retirement savings. Instead of stemming alleged tax leakage the TFP actually INDUCED tax leakage as a result of all the foreign takeovers and leverge buyout of trusts. The LBO of BCE alone, will cost Ottawa $793 million a year in lost tax revenue, versus had it been allowed to become a trust held by tax paying Canadian investors.

Meawnhile Dion is struggling to "position" his carbon tax/green shift on terms that makes it palatable.

Borrow a line from Harper and call it what it isn't. The double taxation of income trusts in RRSPs and not pension funds can hardly be considered "fair".

So too Bush's "Patriot Bill" that gave the government sweeping powers over individuals privacy, including phone taps etc.

Orwell would be proud,

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Why tell the truth when a lie works better,as most politicians believe.

Paul Sirois