Sunday, June 15, 2008

My posting on Garth Turner's blog

This morning, I posted the following comment on Garth Turner’s blog:

Tell me this “encounter” wasn’t a pre-arranged photo-op?

Jack Layton is in bed with Harper, They had lunch on that fateful day of October 31, 2006. Everything else is history……and the fraud known as tax leakage was perpetrated by Jack Layton for the CON that he is, and as leader of the Newly Duped Party of Canada.

The man is a disgrace of democracy. He is a charter member of the flat earth society when it comes to wanting to know the hard verifiable facts (that the tax leakage claims are both unproven, unsubstantiated and totally fabricated..., if not, where’s the government’s proof?)

I know, as I have discussed this matter with Wacko Jacko in person, and as well, his two Finance critics on this file: Judy Wasylycia-Lies and Thomas Don’t care.

Yellow jerseys for the lot of them.

By Brent Fullard on 06.15.08 5:13 am


Anonymous said...

This is not The NDP Party of yesteryear. Where's Ed Broadbent? (Unfortunately it was he who chose Jack as his successor). It's sad to watch the party that knew the like of David Lewis and Tommy Douglas end up in the dumper. The national NDP is but a shaddow of its former self. I've never seen the NDP with so little purpose!

Cracker Jack Layton is very glib, but he makes no sense. All he wants to do is tax the hell out of everyone. Canada would end up as Ontario did under Bob Rae's stint as its premier.

Paul Sirois

Dr Mike said...

Yow---this guy scares me when he smiles--I am just waiting for him to say "go ahead , make my day".

He was the guy who I had thought would stand-up for the little guy against Jungle Jim Flaherty & the Tax Fairness PLan.

Once more , I was sadly mistaken.

First , I voted for Harper thinking he would be the next Progressive Conservative Godfather for years to come.----fooled on that one--he turned out to be closer to the Godfather!!

Second , I thought Happy Jack would come riding in on his horse to save the day & preserve income trusts for the well-being of seniors across this land---fooled on that one too---the guy doesn`t even own a horse!!!!

When will I ever learn?

Next election , I hope.

Dr mike Popovich