Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mark Carney: Architect of Lie Conceal Fabricate

We tried to warn Canadians about this devious and duplicitous joker:

Why Mark Carney's honeymoon is over
Bank of Canada governor 'has got some explaining to do,' economist says
Globe and Mail
June 18, 2008

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Dr Mike said...

We should be asking ourselves why Mark Carney rose to the Head honcho job at the BoC in almost record time---why others who had put in their dues were side-stepped in favor of someone with much less experience.

It almost seems like the job was payback.

But payback for what??

Look no further than the income trust file.

This was Mark Carney`s baby all the way--he coddled it & nurtured it just before he had Jimmy the Pirate ram it down our throats.

How ironic is it that it was done on Halloween when our thoughts should have been elsewhere.

Dr Mike.