Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stephen Hypocrite’s mixed message at the gas pump

In keeping with his Big Brother Government, Stephen Harper’s recent round of Liberal attack ads are going to take place with 15 second messages delivered at the gas pumps warning about the evils of Stephane Dion’s carbon tax (see below).

On the topic of gas pumps and Stephen Harper, don’t you suppose Stephen Harper would be wiser to make good on his earlier promise to eliminate the GST on gas prices above 85 cents a litre, i.e., do something constructive for a change? What ever became of that promise? Gas is now $1.40 a litre. Is their any promise this guy ever keeps, or is he totally consumed with attack ads 24/7?

Is that what this guy does with power? Attack ads are for opposition parties, not governments in power. Stephen Harper's true calling is to be in opposition, not government. Making promises, not keeping them.

Harper proposes GST break on high gas prices

CBC News
May 17, 2004

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper promised he would provide relief for motorists by eliminating the GST on gas costing more than 85 cents a litre.

"These are revenues that no one foresaw even a few months ago. We are only depriving Ottawa of a massive windfall it didn't count on and that it doesn't need," Harper said, adding that consumers would save about a penny a litre.

Glossy Tory ad campaign takes aim at Liberal carbon tax
Becky Rynor, Canwest News Service
June 8, 2008

OTTAWA -- The federal Tories launched a glossy, aggressive, multimedia campaign Sunday attacking Liberal Leader Stephane Dion's proposed carbon tax.
The bilingual campaign, entitled "The Dion Tax Trick," was rolled out across the country in the form of radio commercials, two English "fuelcast" ads that can be played on TV screens at gas stations, and a website -- -- that includes features such as a talking gas pump.


Transcanada said...

How about when I voted for the Harper Party.

Good grief Steve. Do you really have your nose that far up the a$$ of big oil?

Dr Mike said...

The Big Oil Party of Canada , formerly the "New" Conservative Party of Canada has recently heard a nasty hissing sound.

No , it `s not just them answering questions in QP.

It is the sound of all the hot air leaking out of the gas bags that run that party.

Mr Harper & Mr Flaherty "blew a tire" on Halloween 2006 when they stabbed investors in the back as they taxed income trusts.

Mr Flaherty continues to spew copious gas clouds as he attacks Ontario & fails to protect even the worker in his own riding.

Peter McKay continues to have "brain farts" on the dollar cost on the Afghan war.

Maxime Bernier disappeared in a cloud of vapour last week after playing kissy face with a biker babe who was nearly a Tory Candidate.

The list goes on & on with no end in sight.

These guys are indeed more suited to filling hot air balloons than running a country.

Could someone please pass the tums!!!!!

Dr Mike Popovich--former life-long Conservative.

Anonymous said...

The CONS are truly afraid of criticism or competing ideas. Instead of trying to explain their proposals in a clear and concise manner, they lash out with their childish attack adds against the one they fear most of all- Stephane Dion. I believe these adds will come to backfire on the CONS.

It seems the CONS have a battery of propaganda specialists that spend all their waking hours involved with skullduggery!

Paul Sirois

bye bye steve said...

It's time to say goodbye to Steve, John, Tony, Jimmie and Bev .. I'm trusting that the Canadian voter is a lot smarter than these clowns think .. how does that old saying go? fool me once .. shame on you .. fool me twice .. shame on me