Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dufus Ed Stelmach falls for it:

Fires back at U.S. politicians over oilsands
Now we are told that the US doesn't want our oil, based on the protests of some environmentalists and a few US Mayors ans politicians.

Good grief, Americans don't want our oil?

Stelmach is a dufus....can’t he see that this is an orchestrated ploy by the US? The US are concocting something from nothing, and want to bargain that nothing for something. Although on a completely different plain, this is what Reagan did with the fantasy called Star Wars. He conjured up a bargaining chip from nothing, like alchemy, and then used it for tangible gain against Russia.

Rather than going hat-in-hand on bended knee, Stelmach’s response should simply be that Alberta will be pursuing west-east energy infrastructure projects in favour of north-south infrastructure, since eastern Canada would be better off and more secure consuming tar sands production, rather than continual reliance on middle eastern oil. In addition, such a west-east energy flow would halt the one way ratchet mechanism at its present unacceptable level under NAFTA, since incremental production from Alberta would be consumed by Canadians and not Americans......who seem to prefer designer oil by Gucci.

Failing that, Ed Stelmach should take a course in Negotiating 101

Stelmach fires back at U.S. politicians over oilsands

Updated Fri. Jun. 27 2008 8:41 PM ET News Staff

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach fired back Friday at environmentalists and U.S. politicians who have been critical of Alberta's oilsands.

He said Canada has "protected the back" of the U.S. and politicians south of the border should think of that before rejecting oil from Alberta.

"We've been protecting each other in the Middle East and Afghanistan, watching, protecting the backs of Americans . . . we've been good trading partners... we've been together in both World Wars," Stelmach said. "We have such a geographical blessing"

The Alberta premier said that he will take that message to the annual meeting of western U.S. governors and premiers in Wyoming this weekend.

The U.S. government is currently putting together a law that could limit American agencies from using oilsands fuels because of the large emissions associated with their production.

Earlier this week, U.S. mayors voted to encourage their administrations to ban the use of dirty fuels in the vehicles.

Stelmach argues that Alberta is a stable suppler of oil to the U.S. and that oil brought to U.S refineries by pipeline leaves a smaller carbon footprint than foreign oil brought over in tankers.

Stelmach responds to Greenpeace

The premier also criticized a website set up by Greenpeace, saying that it misinformed people about Alberta.

The website,, is set against the backdrop of oilsands development and mocks Alberta's environmental record, showing kids playing on oil-covered beaches.

"We are now in the crosshairs for many of the NGO's in not only the United States, but the world and we are going to see more of it and we have to get the correct information out there," Stelmach said. "It's disgusting."

There were fears that the website may drive tourists away from Alberta but Greenpeace said the website was clearly satirical.

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Polyian said...

Calling him a Dufus is being kind. Bush already stated the US wants to eliminate dependence on middle east oil so where are they going to get their oil supply? Only a total idiot would cave to Obama's stupid statement. Ask the average Yank where he expects to get his oil in Obama's world? And how much he wants to pay for it? First the dumb Royalty policy and now this? I hope Albertans wake up and toss him soon.

Anonymous said...

Americans don't want our oil?

Perfect. Perhaps this could be the impetus of a national energy strategy for Canada.

Come to think of it, they're right. Why should Canada pollute its environment to feed the US economy?

Better to pollute our environment to feed OUR economy.

Maybe rather than feeding the voracious US appetite for oil with the tar sands and its accelerated development, we can slow the development down to a manageable pace and have our cake and eat it too.......lessened adverse environmental impact AND true Canadian (west-east) energy self sufficiency. Self sufficient in real terms, not just on paper.

Thanks Barrack've been a real inspiration for Canada to do what's in Canada's best interests for once.

Let us know how that Gucci oil is working out for you.

Anonymous said...

Polyian said:

"First the dumb Royalty policy and now this? I hope Albertans wake up and toss him soon."

Polyins, you're forgetting Stelmach's tacit endorsement and total inaction on the destructive income trust tax......just look at its impact on drill rig activity and the formation of junior oil and gas discovery plays. Plus the tax induced takeout of Alberta companies like $5 billion Prime West Energy Trust and Northrock by Abu Dhabi Energy and Trans Alta Power by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka Shing.

This Stelmach must be brain dead.

Stelmach: Three strikes, you're out!

Anonymous said...

Screw the US, they need the oil in its NON processed completed form, so they can update their refineries, again we are getting screwed. The 5 billion new refinery in COURTRIGHT for SHELL is part of this deal. The FEDERAL government again is bowing to the US, Just ask NOVA on how they came close to losing their guarantees on ETHANE.